Bird of the Month (informal) February 2020 - Yak-52

Skins aren’t relevant to the server AFAIK. So long as each client has and is using it, you should all see it for each other.

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Copy-paste job, so no problem.

All that’s required is that the clients have the skin, otherwise it just appears as the default skin for anyone who doesn’t have it.


Mudspike selfie!!!

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I can be on around 1900 EST.

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aww shoot, I’d love to but that’s too late for me. Kids gotta be serviced early and lack of sleep makes me an utter grump.

I can’t make it tonight but I can be on Thursday evening.

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Well the range is now running with 12 Yak slots available!


Tonight was just circuits around Laughlin airfield.

I didn’t feel like it to begin with, to be honest…long day at work and I wanted to go blow stuff up in the Harrier. But I did it - and I’m happy I did! I’m starting to warm up to flying this bird ‘properly’.

I guess it shows what a beginner I am with the serious stuff…but I have to say, I’m still fully busy in the circuit with the Yak, even without radio calls. The Yak is a bit faster on the circuit than a bog standard GA plane, I guess…and she tends to want some right pedal all the time, so there’s a couple of more things to think about.


we had a yak 52 turn up to a charity event I helped organise last year. the pilot clearly wanted to show off his new toy and “buzzed the airfield” at around 600 ft.

when he landed he looked a little worried as he said he banked in to the airfield and then by the time he was lined up to overfly us he had lost it and was worried he’d missed. apparently 250 knots is a lot faster than the 100 odd he was used to in his old robin

I did mention that the with 80 knots I am used to the only danger I face in that circumstance is falling asleep while waiting for the airfield to pass haha

who apart from @schurem is around tonight to play formations and photos


Myself and @Franze are online in HPN if anyone fancies a quick blast in the yak…

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As usual the time difference prevents me from joining - I’m at work :confused:

Have fun!

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In the words of great comedians I’m here all night :partying_face:

I’ll be there in 15

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what are y’all using for comms?


Had a fun flight with @Franze and @Victork2, could have flown formation along those rivers for hours more but it’s beddy bye time for hard working little schurems.


This was a seriously fun evening.
I killed at least 4 props. giggled all evening. landed on the Tarawa and then fell off the bloody thing taxying to take off.
I love the yak.
Thanks to @Franze and @schurem for keeping me laughing all night :slight_smile: gentlemen both!!


Enjoyed catching you guys, @Victork2 & @schurem! So used to the WWII planes that I watch engine temps like hawk, so I fell behind a bit. But we got some good flying in anyways!

First sortie with Victor in the lead, lost plane to fuel cock malfunction over Kutaisi.

Victor and Schurem in formation over a river run.

Landed and parked on the Tarawa; FYI the Yak has wheel chocks option, so keep that in mind if you do this stuff.

Victor coming in to the Tarawa:


And behind me, waiting for me to takeoff.

Compared to the Tarawa, the Stennis was nothing to land on. Unfortunately, Victor slid off the Tarawa’s deck so only me here.

Fun afternoon/evening/night, gents!


I forgot to mention my thanks to @komemiute for designing the skin for the yak.

I really is something special having all the names on the tail when your in formation. But my favourite bit is the “dont panic” between the wheels. Its cracks me up when you see it come whizzing over your head about 2 feet away. Excellent work


Oh I’m gutted I missed this! Nice work team :grin:

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