Bitdefender Netgear Armor..?

I bought a Netgear Nighthawk RAX40v2 router which comes with a software installed that’s supposed to protect the network from different kinds of malware and attacks.
There was a trial period that’s about to end now and I have no idea if I need this defense or not? Is it a good idea or just a gimmick? The Mudspike hivemind is bound to have someone who knows something about these things.
The software is called Netgear Armor poweres by Bitdefender and installed on the router. The subscription costs $99 per year and is now 50% off.
Yay or nay…?

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I don’t know that specific software, but it’s clear that it will try to deep scan your network traffic.

It probably opens as many security holes as it tries to identify. Just because of added complexity where you don’t want to have any.

These things are ok for corporations that need to be compliant and so they dump money on it to get a checkmark.

At home - nay! You’re better off investing that money in other, more simple but more effective security measures. Like a clean DNS service that keeps all your devices off from the dark side alleys of the internet. If you can get your router to comply, this is cheap, transparent for devices and it does 80% of an important job.


Honestly- I’m of a complicated mind about his stuff.

I envision it as the Alligator Armor problem.
Like- there’s an armor that protects you from alligators. It’s pricey but works really well.
That said you have to travel 500Miles to reach the Alligators…

So it’s just simpler never travel those 500Miles so you save the money of the Alligator Armor…

(is this too populistic?)


I have a todo for myself to look into NextDNS. Did not get very far, yet. Will report back here once I got the muse.

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No, spot on. I’m always in for a stupid comparison, too. Alligators, cars, whatever. Love it :grinning:

IT security is a concept. Not a product you can buy (and forget).

Identify and weigh the threats you are affected by, work out cost/time effective counter measures to mitigate them, stay vigilant and adapt the concept to the times if needed.



A router in itself is your security, as you have a hardware firewall between your LAN and your WAN/tinterweb.

So long as you don’t open ports Willy Nilly in the firewall, or have everything in. DMZ, you should be ok with the router and Microsoft Defender.

Oh and not visiting dodgy websites, this is where the clean DNS service @Poneybirds has said would help.


If you are a home user using a modem/router from your ISP, a good enough security is:
internet - isp - modem/router(from isp) - router(your own router without stupid holes) - pc(with a good dedicated antivirus).
OFC the alligator story always apply here. If you have the best health and car assurance and the most secure car in the world, if you drive like stolen and crazily, dying on the wheel is not a matter of if, its a matter of when…

No dodgy sites, no spam/scam/phishing email, no piracy softwares/games/websites/…

The own router try to have the firmware updated, i have a TP-Link router and love it.
About AV exist many good ones, usually with +/- 20 to 30€ yearly subscriptions.


If You want enterprise level network at home Ubiquity is an alternative.
Rather low costs compared to the features, nice mgmt.
Support is non existant, a little buggy so needs a little effort to function.

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