BLACK DAY early access/beta broadcast video

Just learned about this a couple of days ago. A new,. in development, sandbox tactical shooter called “BLACK DAY”. I ran through the settings, tutorial, and 2 missions. The developers need a lot more work done, but I will be watching and waiting to see if they sink or swim with this title in the future. Not recommended to buy now, but do recommend you watch the title if interested.

I originally broadcast it on my Twitch account, but then uploaded it to You Tube to be able to share.

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Hmph. Yeah, looks like a lot of work still needed, and the issue with a lot of these titles is they never get finished. I’m STILL ticked at Takedown’s utter failure. If this gets completed with coop MP, I will give it a serious look.

Whatever happened with Ground Branch, anyway?

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Ground Branch is actually coming along real nice now, I play it a lot… unfortunately I think BlackFoot Studios just took way to long with it, most… even I, have moved on and given up on it ever being finished and the game I want to play.

I’m willing to bet I’ll be dead when it actually goes gold. lol