Black Shark vs DCS BS2?

So I’ve still go BS1 on my HD, and I’m pondering my next whirly bird for DCS. Is it worth upgrading to BS2? What all do I get that I don’t have in BS1? Yes I know a lot of the mission editor and scripting changes, as well as all the scenarios and campaigns that have come out since the olden days. However considering BS2 is $49, it’s it worth it compared to say getting the Huey? My plan at the moment is to get the Huey and Syria, but if BS2 is really a big step up from BS I suppose I’ll skip the new map for the time being.


I’d wait for a sale; BS3 has been pushed back to next year some time, so who knows what that will cost in upgrades. There’s not much else for attack helicopters at the moment, and the Mi-24 will be a different animal altogether.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Ka-50 because it’s the only attack heli DCS has, yet at the same time it falls so short of what something like an AH-64 is capable of it.

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Aside from the sharper graphics, VR support, multiplayer with other types, the DLC campaign etcetera there isn’t anything that the new black shark can do that the old one could not, as far as I know. If you still fly the old one and are capable of looking past the dated graphics there is no reason to hurry to upgrade to BS2.

Looking at the current strategy with the A-10C upgrade (and presuming you harbor any interest in some day owning BS3) the cheapest strategy to get it may be to grab BS2 in an upcoming sale and then upgrading to BS3 once that has been made available.

Thanks, you’re rundown confirmed what I had suspected was the differences. I’ll hold off and wait for the sale to get BS2 for the cheaper upgrade later.


They used to sell a bs1 to 2 upgrade. Is that still in the shop? If it isn’t you may try contacting support and get your key upgraded…

Thats how I got mine, by purchasing the upgrade but iirc they phased it out. No harm in asking though. One thing I remember you need to have BS1 installed to update the new version. Also the fantastic theme music that shipped with the original BS is missing and that is a shame as it was guaranteed to get your blood pumping


The DCS store doesn’t show it as available anymore, but you’re right doesn’t hurt to ask.

Well the major difference is BS1 is a standalone title and BS2 is in DCS World.

So if you wanted to fly around the northeastern edge of the Black Sea in a Ka-50 and had no interest in flying combined ops with other birds, BS1 is still fine although awfully dated in appearance now.

If you want to fly the Ka-50 in Syria, NTTR, Persian Gulf, etc, while a buddy flies a MiG or Hornet or whatever, with DX11 graphics…then you want BS2.

I have so many hours in that bird over the last decade, although I grant I’ve not done nearly as much in the last 5 years as I did in the beginning when all I had was it and the A-10!


That is an excellent point about being able to use the KA-50 on different terrain. With as much fun as I’m having in Syria right now, it’d be even better to get the KA-50 over there. I shot DCS customer support an email about upgrading my BS1, we’ll see what they say.

Also for VR support you need DCS world