Blank Controller Diagrams

If anyone is looking for blank diagrams on which to write their assignments to refer to whilst flying, I have uploaded my small collection to dropbox.

Included are:

CH Fighterstick
CH Pro Throttle
Cougar MFDs
Saitek/Logitech X52
Saitek/Logitech X55/56
Warthog HOTAS (stick, throttle & throttle panel)
X360 gamepad
n52 Nstromo keypad

Use as you like - this is an example of how I use them:


Perfect! Thanks for sharing man. This will be my preferred method of writing profiles from now on.

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s an online thing that’ll pull your keybinds for elite dangerous. Mcdees something or other.

pulling now

many thanks Brix :slightly_smiling_face:

that’s the Elite Dangerous one I was talking about. Super useful. Only problem is it misses some commands (or I’m blind). I had one I just could not find that was bound. Can’t remember what it was now. Was trial and error to figure out what button Elite was referring to.

Great! Thanks for that Brix!

You’re welcome.

I find Elite something of a PITA to assign. I use the X-56 HOTAS, but have other controllers that I could use to help out, but the problem is operating them in VR.

My UFC has 5 rocker switches, and I can see them through the nose gap with a slight tilt of the head. It’s the same with the Cougar MFDs - although I have full assignments for all the DCS and other sims, I have ended up using only the rocker switches in the corners, as they are the easiest to find.

In ED I use them for Galaxy map control, but there are some controls in the list that just make me say “Huh?”

I also wish they would tell us (preferably in the manual) which controls you can double-up on. We know you can do that with the UI, but what about the SRV? Can I double up a command that I use for driving it, with a different command for operating the turret? They should make it clear.

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