Blast from the past - taking another look at FSX missions

I’ve recently reinstalled FSX and started playing all those missions again. I’m founding them really enjoyable and hope that the new MSFS will be full of them.

This one I already shared in the other thread. Worth noting that many missions have several paths you could take making them replayable worthy :wink:

Catalina Day Spa, I always thought you had to bring that plane dead-stick to a carrier, apparently not:

… yet it still is fun to make that carrier approach:

Acceleration Pack brought some cool new planes and a plethora of new exciting missions


Do the Edward’s AFB tour with Mr. “Ow! My back!”.

I remember trying to fly that smooth as silk and he complained, so my next try I flew inverted. If he’s going to complain then I might as well enjoy it!


I already completed this mission successfully without recording it but may just as well fly it again at some point. In the meantime considering latest events I had run a secret shuttle to Groom Lake :wink:


Terrible design of those Alien like aircraft - I mean, they leave glowing plasma around and are callsign Vista. You know what else MS designed that was called Vista? Exactly, it was terrible. :sweat_smile:

There’s a Hornet mission where you have to chase UFO’s too.


Yeah, and inject the virus to bring the mothership down. Funny thing is that you will not be able to finish this mission with all realism settings maxed out. For instance you will not be able to keep up with the alien craft without overspeeding. I know, I tried… To pass it you will have to turn off “aircraft stress causes damage” option.