Blood Bowl 2

Bought Blood Bowl 2 on steam sale and I am finding it to be quite an engrossing game.

Playing a solo competition to try an level up some players (those that don’t die) and slowly coming to terms with the game mechanics.

I am enjoying this so much I would like to know if any mudspikers here have it and are interested in a match ?

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I love the idea of turning American football into a bloodsport, but I’m not sure about turn-based. Still works ok? Got any videos to share?

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I grabbed the original years ago and barely touched it. But I’ve planed frozen … prime? Or whatever the similar concept is called. It was pretty fun but lacked players.

Don’t have this one though.

/Pointless reply

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It has loads of you tube videos around and you can participate in big pvp leagues or offline in your own league vs computer as well as random games etc without being in a league.

Its a tactical game but offset by every move being subject to chance. Now that i have played it a bit, i can see the brilliance behind the mechanics of the game.

You are forced to make decisions and take chances as every move you make can end your turn. So strategy plays a big part as you utilise tactics to try and offset the chance element.

Characters in your team gain xp over time and in turn get access to various skills and upgrades. Players also age and when old will eventually retire, or die, or suffer debilitating injuries which makes you constantly train up new characters.

Host of other elements to your team such as buying bribes for referees, cheerleaders dice re-rolls and so on give you a chance to help you game along. See a downed opponent who has too many skills, simply sink the boot in to try and end his career, you may be sent off for it, but this is where that bribe may come in.

Its got some new races coming out, the first is undead being released very soon, and the game seems to have a strong following with sponsored championships for real money to participate in if you are so inclined.

I think its a great game to have a match against friends in while having banter over teamspeak.

The turn based aspect may not be everyones cup-o-tea but check out the videoes

Anyway check it out, on sale it was a very good price for a fun game.

66% off on steam…