Blue Angels transitioning to Super Hornets


This will be interesting.

When I saw the part that said,“…there will be a touch of the 1970s to their routine.” I was all “Oh No! Not bell bottom pants!” :hushed:


Awesome, hope I can see them North of the border one day!

Hopefully the Airforce will follow. Be cool to see an F-15 all dressed up in a Thunderbird livery.

USN Transitioned to SH Because the Legacy Bugs are all being sent to the USMC, and they have a dozen+ LRIP And Block I Hornets sitting in storage that do not have combat systems.


Well Mercedes has a pretty decent f1 race car these days but I guess that won’t be a very popular decision across the board: cool article by the way.

Still not sure what that has to do with this thread, but was a great read.

So thanks for that!