Blue Origin 100km Test Flight with Vertical Landing

Jeff Bezo’s (Amazon founder) space tourist vehicle ‘New Shepard’ made a big step yesterday - a trip up to the edge of space and a vertical landing:

That thing really hurtles back to Earth - I can see why they did the separate crew module with parachutes, although that land landing must sort out any spine curves you might have. Oof.

Not really the same game as SpaceX, in that it takes about 30 times more energy to get to orbit than it takes to go up/down, but still, amazing stuff. Can’t wait for Tony Stark to now get involved and compete.


That landing was pretty damn cool… actually looked gentler than the landing the crew/passenger compartment had :smile:

I really like what Space X has done, but its awesome to see other companies racing in the same direction. This is the space race I wanna see!


Very cool system, and an impressive achievement!