Bluetooth headsets and adapters…

My ASUS X570 Pro motherboard has onboard Bluetooth. I have two audio components connected to bluetooth, the amp for the bass shakers and my Airpods Max headset.
Sometimes I get horrible sound quality that crackles and sputters but mostly it’s very nice.
The type of headset is not important as the problem occurs with other BT headsets as well.

Why does this happen, and why not all the time?

Is it the fact that BT is serving two audio recievers?
Is the onboard BT crap?

Would getting a bluetooth USB adapter help?

I can source this one locally:

I think I’m going to get it just to test and see.

Question is then, do I need to disable the onboard bluetooth if I’m using an adapter, like this?

Any thoughts and experiences with this is greatly appreciated.

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My work laptop has onboard Bluetooth. I use a USB Bluetooth adaptor for my mouse. It doesn’t interfere with the onboard Bluetooth and I sit have to disable it to make the mouse work.

Not sure if this helps, or is just a distraction. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could be anything, from bad connection due to the case being part of the transmission path to some broadband noise interference. Heck, it could be the load on your PSU. Debugging wireless transmissions is a PITA. Then there’s the fact that BT is a poor vehicle for audio transmission to begin with, but I don’t even want to get started on that can of worms.

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Distractions help… :wink:

Not the answer I wanted, but it is what I expected…
You solved my other audio signal problems, so I kind of expect you to fix this problem too. :grin:

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Mumbles something about haystacks and needles

Got any neighbors with a spectrum analyzer you can borrow? Bit of a shot in the dark but maybe there really is some device in your household that interferes.

Perhaps start skimming Google about connection issues with the type of sender and receiver you use (separately, I doubt it’s the combination of both), maybe something turns up and it’s a common problem with one of those.

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Hmmm… I have a neighbor who is an electrician. I can ask.

I have also just bought this.

It will give me both WIFI and BT on an external antenna…
Your earlier comment made me think that the onboard hardware may have trouble with all the metal surrounding it, in my SimBox. Can’t hurt to get it outside the box, so to speak.

I guess I need to shut down both the onboard WIFI and BT in the BIOS, for this to work…? Maybe install the card first.

WIFI and BT should not interfere unless something is malfunctioning.

Since you already have it, try the external antenna, let’s see if that changes anything.

The card came with both and since my SimBox is in the basement, with the router upstairs, I thought having an unobstructed WIFI antenna could be a bonus.

But am I right in suspecting the mobo onboard WIFI and BT could interfere with the addon card signals, and therefore should be turned off?

I would BIOS disable any onboard services that you’re replacing @Troll.

I bought that PCE-AX58BT card a few weeks ago since it has WiFi 6. I have a ASUS X570 Plus-Wifi (not the Pro) mobo so I only had WiFi 5. The X570 Pro has WiFi 6 and whatever version of Bluetooth but I’ll bet your Bluetooth problem is alleviated now.

I only had Gigabit Ethernet on my mobo so I also bought a 10 Gigabit Ethernet card (the red one). (I believe the X570 Pro has 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet) …

I was blowing the dust out of my PC the other day and I accidentally stepped on the antennas which broke them off the base so I got new ones …


I’ll install the card tomorrow, and we’ll see…

Cleaning just isn’t safe! That’s what I always say… :wink:

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I love blowing the dust out of my PC! :slight_smile:

When you install the card, I was surprised that you have to plug that cable into an empty USB header. Good luck! :wink:

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Bluetooth is using the oldest 802.11 protocol FHSS (spread spectrum w frequency hopping) so may have an interference with onboard 2.4ghz wifi. One option may be to set the onboard wifi to 5ghz only or turn it off. The interference between the two protocols is dependant on the distance between the transmitters. So if the antennas are connected to the same motherboard and in-use at the same time ….

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I finally installed the new PCE WIFI/BT card.
Because I have a non-standard DIY PC enclosure in my SimBox, I had to redesign and print a new support for this card and the GPU, so that set me back a full day.
And then my PC wouldn’t boot with the new card installed, unless I disabled the onboard WIFI and BT on the motherboard. That meant having to scrounge up a cabled mouse from somewhere amongst all the boxes still unpacked after moving…
Aaaanyway. It’s up now and getting that external antenna sure improved the WIFI signal. BT audio has worked flawlessly for about an hour in IL-2. Will have to give it a few days to see if the problem manifests itself again. It might be placebo, but I feel the audio quality is better than it was before…