BMS 4.33 TGP Operations

Anyone have any experience with the TGP in BMS 4.33? Been having some issues re-centering it. I cant find anything on how to either. There has to be away right? Right now it bores to my steer-point. Im use to using the TGP with DCS A-10C and thought the 16 would be close if not the same. Alas it isnt lol. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys and gals

What do you mean by re-centering it?

I just did a quick perusal of the -34 manual included with your install. Without going full techno-ese, the SPI by default is your currently selected steer point. If you select either the radar or the TGP, the SPI will become slaved to whichever you have as your SOI, and the other sensor will slew to stay attached to the SPI. If you select the the sensor the SPI is not slaved to, you can move it independently, but “locking” something will snap the SPI to that location.

It sounds like your SOI is the TGP, and the SPI is slaved to it. Once you try to boresight it, it snaps back to the default SPI which is the STPT.


Hmm that sound right. Going to have look into SPIs then.

Thank you.

If it all sounds contradictory and needlessly restrictive and complex: it’s not you, it’s the Lawn Dart’s computer system.


Fixed that for ya.

Long story short, the F-16’s avionics (in BMS) look at the TGP as a final refinement of your targeting solution and don’t really consider it viable for scanning or searching for targets.

@near_blind went over SOI and SPI- to elaborate, SOI (Sensor of Interest) is what sensor you are focusing on, SPI (Sensor Point of Interest) is where your SOI is looking. For air to ground, SOI can be the TGP, air-to-ground radar, or HUD. SPI by default is the steerpoint that you have selected since the system assumes that what you are trying to blow up will be in the immediate vicinity of a point you have placed in the flight computer.

If you need to scan for targets, the ‘proper’ way to do it is either to look with your eyes, use the HUD as SOI, and then mark the SPI with your HUD, OR, scan with the air-to-ground radar in one of the many modes, find a tempting-looking contact on the ground, and set that as SPI. Once you have the general target area defined, you can switch to your TGP (which will automatically point to the SPI) and refine your targeting solution.

What if I want to blow something up far away from a steerpoint?

  1. Why the hell are you there? Close air support. Oh fine.
  2. The Air-to-Ground Radar has a mode called “Snowplow”, designated “SP” on the right-side of MFD buttons. This boresights the air to ground radar allowing for a more general target search.
  3. Learn how to use mark points and up front controller (UFC) to quickly make mark points and target waypoints on the fly.

After your antics are over and the target is destroyed, repeat after me: “TMS-Down, Cursor Zero!”. TMD-Down will deselect the target and Cursor Zero will reset the SPI, which is stored as an offset point from the selected steerpoint in the flight computer.

Happy bombing!



So basically the TGP is there for fine tuning of the target point, Unlike the TGP on the A-10 which is there for finding targets?

I guess that makes sense as the 16 is moving quite a bit faster.

I did find one of my issues, When you put the TGP into AG mode it slews to the SPI. I wasnt waiting long enough for the slew to happen.

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Ideally the TGP is never used for searching for targets- you have a very narrow field of view which makes the search process very inefficient, and on top of that, you’re spending a lot of time heads-down in the cockpit which isn’t great for your situational awareness.

Even in the A-10 you’re hopefully getting target location information from your eyes, pre-briefed intel, someone on the ground (a 9-line), or someone else in the air with something like an air-to-ground radar.

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Or even better…the secondaries from the guy that rolled in in front of you…LOL…that’s what I need anyway…

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Radar: Cursor Zero; TGP: Cursor Zero.

(I think)

Quick question while we’re talking BMS ground designations, etc.

Can you drop a designation (SPI, whatever) with the helmet?