BMS 4.37

As I posted in the other thread, I just put the Nord 3400 video on the MSFS forum and it worked as it should - so it’s something about posting here.

Well, the Nord and Jabiru videos, as well as the archer video in the games thread, seems to work for everybody else. But you can’t see them… :thinking:

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@Johnny apologies for starting on the ground floor again, but just to be clear, are you clicking the Copy link next to the URL or the Embed link below Share?


Enigma interviews Max Waldorf from the BMS team.


This morning, as the Mrs has a day off and can look after the mutt, I had spare time to do some flying in BMS. I’ve been waiting for this for ages - nothing special, just a simple flight from Kunsan around the navigation TE and land back at base.

But wow - it’s just amazing how such a simple thing can be so enjoyable. Got it started up with a quick glance through the nose gap at my own notes (just started using Open Kneeboard and not got anything into it as yet, but very keen). My first attempt at a start up ended - through no fault of mine - like this:

I wonder if it’s possible to get rid of those screenshot texts on the picture - they have spoiled so many otherwise gorgeous shots I’ve made of the aircraft.

Anyway, second start, this time no extra smoke - even actually managed to hear ATC for the first time in ages (I forgot that I had the COM volumes assigned to pots on my throttle base) - taxi was almost inch perfect - though I did get asked to “expedite taxi” by ground - why, though? I wondered - nothing behind me, I’m number 1 and nothing inbound. Maybe the kettle was boiling in the tower?

Then I was cleared and off into the blue yonder. I did really enjoy myself - 8 simple waypoints, did a bit of switcheroly mucking about enroute, getting to know and remember stuff learned from years past with the DED and AP etc. Then I had a flip around with the action camera - big mistake! A flight of four were having some fun of their own and it was hard to resist the show…

…although I think the taxi AI still needs a little work in 4.37:

For some reason, when I came back round to approach the airbase, every time I requested landing all I got was ATC repeating my callsign (is that what USAF does to imply permission granted?) so I just made my own way in and just happened to make one of the most beautiful landings in flight sim history! Well, at least on my PC :smiley:

Even remembered all the taxi directions and shelter number to park in - then off for a Latte and cheese bun!

Love it :heart_eyes: Next time I might get to actually carry something…