BMS 4.37

How about a 4.37 thread? Didn’t see one. **ok found it now :smiling_face: I’ll post there in future.

edit: for some weird reason my embedded videos are refusing to play here. Have to use the YouTube link at the bottom of the video bar for now while I try to fix the problem - thanks.

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Okay done some testing - I did do videos of the tests but I don’t think it’s necessary to upload them.

First Index - this was solid, no movement of the objects or VC at all, but the gauges were very blurry and all the text labels etc were unreadable. Even leaning in was of no use, it had to be a zoom control if I wanted to read something.

The Quest 2 - strangely, this was the best for reading labels and gauges, but the view was not correct. The gauges were oval and the MFDs were vertically longer oblongs. So basically like a widescreen image on a 4:3 screen. The cockpit movement and skewing was the worst in this headset.

Pico 4 had a bit of movement - nothing like in the video I uploaded - but strangely the labels and gauges were less clear than with Quest 2. that really stumped me because normally it’s better in flgiht sims.

So it’s a bit frustrating. Index is best for stability and worst for clarity; Quest 2 is best for clarity but worst for stability; Pico 4 is in-between the others.

I increased anti-aliasing from 2 to 8 (maximum) and decreased HDR Blur to zero and this did slightly improve label clarity, but not enough. There is a “Quality” setting next to AA in the options, but this is shown as 0 and there is no other option to choose.

Performance is outstanding in all three headsets. I reckon Virtual Desktop may be partly responsible for the problems with the cockpit moving, as the two headsets with this issue are connected with it. I will test the Quest 2 with cable Link later. Maybe there is something that can be changed in VD to improve things, I’ll try and find out.
I use the Index at 150% res - reckon I’ll up that and see if it improves label legibility. In the meantime I’ll see if I can dig up any further info on improving things in VR.

It’s weird - the first time I tested BMS 4.37 I didn’t have issues with stability or legibility in the cockpit, but I can’t remember which headset I used - probably Pico 4, but not definitely. So something has changed, but who knows what that could be! Such a shame as I really want to get on with this sim and am already spending a lot of time doing reference info for when I’m training and on ops.

I’m also reading @BeachAV8R 's infamous Falcon 4 SP3/4 AAR series for the fourth time for motivation!


Go to the video and look for the “Allow Embedding” option and make sure it is checked. Your page may look different but this was what it looked like on my YouTube channel.

How to enable embedding on youtube


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Yes, I did make sure when I uploaded the vids to my channel. I deselected the subs feed and sampling ones, though, that shouldn’t make a difference.

It will take time for me to check through everything, but in case anyone else is interested, there is a topic on the BMS forum discussing VR settings and config tweaks:

However, mostly about G2 & WMR, but still plenty of useful stuff for other headsets through people’s replies.

I must admit I’m a bit baffled by the things the OP is reporting as far as performance goes as he has a much more powerful system than mine yet gets worse performance according to what he says. Maybe that’s down to WMR or WMR with SteamVR - but it reinforces my decision not to get a WMR headset (especially when I like what I’ve already got :slight_smile: )

edit: It would be really fun to fly with someone else again - I did some online flying with someone from across the pond back in 4.32 to practice dropping durandals and it was lots of fun - especially as it was my first time ever flying online with a wingie and just finding each other after take-off was the first challenge! I’ve done lots online with IL-2, FSX and DCS World, mind.
Anyway, if anyone would like to do some BMS in a multi-ship, send a pm - the more the merrier. Otherwise I’ll just fly alone and cry into my beer…

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Well I got it 90% sorted now, using Virtual Desktop settings. Using the Pico 4 is much better now. This is the first iteration of VR in BMS, of course, and they have said they will be optimising it in upcoming patches so it’s time to get on with optimising my flying!
Though I have a 4080 I used the graphics quality preset for the 3070, and then increased sharpening from 75% to 90%. No effect on performance.

Did some navigation exercises last night and the scenery is definitely coming along from what it was, though more is yet to come, I understand.


In case you weren’t aware, update 1 has been released and you need to first update the updater!

I’ve gone back to using TrackIR and 2D flying for now - the VR cursor implementation is too all over the shop. Drives me nuts just trying to get it started :crazy_face:


No problems on my end except for some performance issues taxiing around big bases on the first day of a campaign. I’ve found it to be one of the best VR implementations of any former 2D game I own.

Not helpful I know. But for all things cumputer-related, I find that the closer I am to “stock”, the less likely it is that I’ll suffer compatibility issues. The Quest, Oculus and Steam, rightly or wrongly, are stock-ish. No small team is going to implement VR without paying some attention to the needs of that hardware and those runtimes.


It’s the cursor that’s the problem - everything else is very good. The main problem being actually finding where the cursor is after moving my head/view. I unlatched it, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference.

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Ah OK. That makes sense.

Moving from other post which I deleted - if the API will let me:

I think I have an idea why my videos are not playing when embedded.

I just went to my channel to find a banner along the screen saying “This channel does not exist” :scream_cat:

Yet when I click on “My Content” my uploaded videos pop up! It also has my avatar in the corner, and my channel name and email address pop up when hovered over. :thinking:

I do wish they’d stop buggering about with how they do things - it seems to make things worse with every change. That was why I deleted my original channel a couple of years ago. Actually, what I really wish is that there was a decent alternative :wink:

Found a fix for the moving cockpit thing in VR on the BMS forum:

set g_bVRParallelRenderThread 0

Apparently this does hit performance.


Are you using youtube?
In that case there’s no need to embed the videos. Just post the link.

Yes and that’s what I do (that’s how they are “embedded” - with the ‘share’ link). I didn’t mean with html code :slight_smile:

Strange. I need to try with one of mine.

Edit, that seems to be working just fine.
Here’s how my link looks.

Try posting a video and I can have a look at it to see what the issue might be…

The last one works just fine for me, but I can’t see the video in the first post…

Edit. The video in the first post says it’s been blocked for playing externally, by the owner.
Is there some kind of privacy setting, messing things up?

Edit 2. The first video doesn’t seem to be linked or is unlisted, but it plays on youtube. The other video doesn’t have that mark.

These are the only two videos showing up in your channel on youtube.

For me, none of them are playing here, I have top go to YT every time to watch them. I do have two unlisted videos, but I never disable embedding (or sharing) because I know I will almost always upload them to use on a forum somewhere. Unlisted just means they will not show on my channel or be recommended to others, it shouldn’t stop anything else, I used to use that method all the time for the Oculus forum.

I’ll look into it again, but it’s really not a big deal as I rarely upload any more. I’m not as keen on YT as I was a few years back. I have a total of 4 videos - and it’s hard to remember when I last had more than that. 2017, I think, with my old channel.

Here’s my video managing page:

No restrictions listed for any of them, so they should be fine. The other settings are as I described, which should also not give any issues.

Try making the BMS video public and see how that goes.

Edit. Come to think of it, my F-35 video is also unlisted. Does it play in the browser for you?

I just uploaded a video in the Games we are playing thread and left YT to set everything except the not made for kids and letting others use it for shorts.

Same deal - and this time YT came up with a whole load of possible reasons why it wasn’t playing - naturally blaming me and my connection or browser in every one of the listed possible issues! What a surprise!

If that were the case, all the videos I put a link to wouldn’t work, but they do - only my own don’t and this only since I deleted all my previous videos (all 4 of them) and uploaded these ones.

You know what - it’s just not worth my time messing around with, I’ll just delete the channel and sod 'em. I’ll look elsewhere - don’t like YT these days, anyway, for what it’s been turned into by Google.