BMS Profiles?

I’m getting my friend into BMS (or trying)…
He’s got an X52, and I cannot for the life of me find a keyfile for one (at least a non Pro one). I am terrible at making them (read ‘lazy’) and was wondering if anyone has one floating around that they’d like to share. I’d like to have a dx shift on the pinky - I have one on my warthog with AWACS functions and some ancillary things on the shift layer and its fantastic - but I don’t know if that is easy to do with the X52.

Thanks in advance.

I took the X-55 profile from a website called viperinstructors and with some modifications to it, it has been working great for me. They also have an X-52 profile that uses the pinky as a modifier. Hope it proves useful!

Only reading the title of this thread made me cringe. I hate BMS configuration with a passion. It is one of the main reasons why I gave up playing that sim.

sorry if i sound a bit primitive … but THE BEST way to get PROFILES for Falcon BMS is to make them your own… its simple when u understand it … if someone NEEDS any HELP with that he is more then welcome to contact me on mudspike by sending a msg

@Aginor i feel you man. Between the set up and trying to get a multiplayer flight going without having to restart 12 times due to connection/config/controls/trackir/etc is a task.

@esonub i agree 100%, however my friend is pretty new to pc and gaming, so having him set it up is a no go, and i dont have an x52 in front of me or else I’d do it myself.

you can allways go windowed mode and use teamviewer :slight_smile:

I had success with kesmonkey’s profile - I believe he has no-pro and pro versions.