Board Themes

…Specifically, how hard would it be to install an option for a Dark Theme to reduce eye fatigue?


A per-user theme picker isn’t something planned in the base software unfortunately I think. The recommended way so far is either:

  • Use something like with a local browser extension. That will override the colors (although not all). If you want to try this then let me know and I can provide an example. If you search for ‘Mudspike’ on the styles you should see an experimental dark theme override. It looks like this, but isn’t complete:

  • Get that blue and white contrast down on the monitor. For gaming it is nice to be bright, but for reading most displays are eye-achingly too bright. :slight_smile:

The alternative would be we change the overall style of the forum for all. I don’t mind making it less ‘white’ if there is consensus.

Mudspike has a bright white background. We can change that if you like. Please vote or leave a comment if any of these options don’t work.

  • Leave it alone, it’s fine
  • Maybe tone it down a bit
  • I very much prefer darkness

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Anything we did do would be experimental, so you’d get a chance to say how much it sucked.


Easily the best part about anything experimental!


How long would the down time be between choices?

Between 7 and 15.