Bob's Old Wood


Grandpa Bob is my brother Fraser’s father-in-law, who designed our bar, bistro tables, and deck railing. He’s a landscape architect by trade, but dabbles in wood working. In his late 60’s, he didn’t think anything of jumping in his car for a 5 hour drive to Charleston, and then working his ass off until the wee hours in August heat, when we were building out the brewery. Never asked for any compensation. We did provide him lunch, a place to stay, and free beer.

He’s been a bachelor for a long time and has the rumor is Bob has legendary status among the senior ladies of Atlanta. Anyway, it was time that we honored his “work ethic” with a beer. I heard a number of things being tossed about, but when the final product arrived, I think that we did Bob proud. This post is about Bob and not meant to be a beer ad. But if you are in Charleston tomorrow, we are having abottle release party from 4 to 8. I can’t be there. Coaching girl’s lacrosse Sat in ATL, but getting some bottles delivered on Sunday. I’ll raise a toast to Grandpa Bob and think more kindly about growing old.


“…senior ladies of Atlanta…”, Old Wood. Amirite? Amitite??


nope, been 40 years since you were ma’am.


The “Amitite” was a typo but I like it!

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…or was it Freudian?

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Ahahaha!! Awesome!! :smile:

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Saw the post yesterday and read right past the typo. Funny one though.



Also, you’ve gotta give me a bit more heads up for any release events in Charleston- there is no arm-twisting required to look into trips down there. :slight_smile:

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So we had a bottle release/benefit tonight for the turtle rescue center at the South Carolina Aquarium. My wife and I are in Chuck Town for our 20th anniversary, and probably more important, doing some house hunting. We are finally making the move from Atlanta as soon as we can sell our house. Sorry, most likely TMI.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to sample Grandpa Bob’s Old Wood. When served, I inquired, “Say, isn’t that too much head on Bob’s Old Wood?”

To which one of our staff offered a rebuke, “The proper head should be a nickel, Sir. Not more or less.”

It was surprisingly palatable.


Give that person a raise- they know what they’re talking about.

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Even if the answer is wrong, I appreciate the confidence. Good luck with the move Mr. Chip. Many of my flying partners have been C-17 guys based there and all of them, to a man (sorry no women yet), have loved it. Unfortunately the property values and cost of living now reflect that.