Bombardier to cut 5,000 jobs, sell off turboprop and flight training businesses...

Sad news. 5000 jobs lost is no joke.

No, but Viking will need to hire to pick up the BabyDash production line again… My dream machine is a DHC8-200 with some sort of digital engine control and a glass cockpit. Perhaps a few horses more, and a couple of hundre punds lighter. That would rock! :sunglasses:


Yeah. Viking were the ones to buy the Q line and that’s good for it and Canada. Bombardier have been mishandling their aircraft division for years. I am glad it is going somewhere that will make use of it. Same for the training division moving to CAE.

The biggest effect of the ‘cut’ in jobs (not saying that jobs will not be lost but a good number are likely to transfer to Viking) is that Bombardier is likely to never get government assistance again … which is good for everybody :slight_smile:


I’m still sad that people are philosophically opposed to “prop planes” when turboprops are so incredibly efficient and cost effective on certain route segments. The Dash 8s and ATRs are fantastic airplanes…


An also from an enthusiast point of view look cool as hell too. Those dash 8s make a seriously sexy burble when they fly over the house here


“Certain route segments” < I imagine that’s the rub; a modern high bypass turbofan of similar weight/output likely isn’t too far off the same efficiency curve for short hops, but offers greater speed and flexibility of routes from a strategic business point of view. Plus running a more homogeneous fleet (eg. shorter tube for regional, longer tube for long haul routes) yields greater economies of scale in terms of service/maintenance.

On top of that, it’s generally easier to operate a Fan vs a prop; fewer levers to pull (unless the prop is full FADEC), negligible torque effects, and generally better response times.


What does Bombardier even make anymore? Didnt they give up some of the crj line to Airbus?

Any prop is going to be full fadec these days, turbofans are not quicker in response, props are. They are also more efficient then a turbofan and cheaper in maintenance. High bypass turbofans are not a better solution for short haul then turboprops.

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If I have to land on an icy or snow covered runway, give me a turboprop every time.


Bombardier make the Learjet range, Challenger 350, Challenger 605, and Global 5000/6000.

They also just achieved FAA certification on the Global 7500, which for the most part looks like a legacy Global but in reality is a very different airplane.

The new C-Series went to Airbus (thanks to Boeing), but the CRJ is still a Bombardier product.