Braking F18C with Thrustmaster rudder peddles

Hello, I am new to the VR world. I just purchased the Thrustmaster Rudder peddles and have the them hooked up. I am flying the DCS F18C - VR. I can steer the plane on take off and landing with the peddles. Is there a way to program them for “toe” braking with the rudder peddles? If so, how would I do this? Thanks in advance.

Should be in the axis assignments. Load up the F-18C SIM list, click on assignments and look for Left and Right Brakes or Left and Right Toe Brakes. Then find your pedals in the list (column of the table) and double click the cell (I think) to map them.

They may need to be inverted. So if you go in game and they look depressed forward, and then when you tip them forward with your feet/toes they tip backwards in game, you may need to invert them.

Fridge, that took care of it. Now I will be able to slow to a stop using brakes instead of the grass on either side of the runway. Thanks a ton…I am slowly learning this stuff…it is Turley fun.


Good tip @Fridge. On my pedals the axes always need inverting.

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Just a helpful suggestion, make sure you use full wheel brakes, speed brake fully deployed and have full flaps deployed to stop in the shortest distance.

Cheers! Fly SAFE!