Brave Browser

Made by an offshoot of the Mozilla team, the ‘Brave’ browser is a bit different in that it builds in privacy features a little more deeply than just extensions, like uBlock or Adblock. It’s an open source browser that is pretty quick and works well on mobile/tablets. As Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile browsers don’t easily allow extensions then you don’t really have much choice of what to block and when - Brave blocks everything by default, so the speed up in browsing speed is noticeable.

You can get it here:

(Not really hardware, but more tech news I guess).



Have you tried it personally? How do you like it?

Its got some cool features, But a lack of a Dark UI means it can put a strain on the eyes at night.
I especially like the tally of how many ads it has blocked (literally the smallest feature but cool to see).

It has a lot of potential and probably be my main when it gets a dark UI.

I recommend giving it a whirl for a day


For Desktop I’m trying it out, but muscle memory for reaching for the Chrome icon is there quite a bit. I use Chrome with uBlock Origin (Adblock has started selling ads ironically, so not so good anymore):

For Brave I am liking it on Android for a few phones/tablets. It seems to work faster on the older hardware and it’s nice to not see the ads anymore where bandwidth/speed are an issue.

It’s still being developed but I’ll probably keep using in on mobile and see how it goes on Desktop. Worth a try at least.