Brazilian Mirage flyby shatters windows

[Edit: turns out this incident is old, happened in 2012]


And this, Ladies and Gentleman, is why you are usually not allowed to fly supersonic over build up areas, especially (but not only - see below) when flying this low.

I remember an incident a couple of years ago that was in the news over here where a Eurofighter on a test flight broke the sound barrier at high altitude and the atmospheric conditions at the time led to broken windows along its flight path.
Article in German:,-_arid,1191301.html

On that note: In DCS windows don’t shatter - 0/10 :smiley:

I like to pretend they do. I took a Mirage down the entire length of the Strip in Vegas at about 1.2 Mach, just to pretend that I was breaking the windows in all the hotels.

6/10 with rice.