BRD-N travel/throw and misc

I think this question mainly goes to @Troll, so here goes. How tall is you BRD-N from bottom to top of the grip and bottom to grip threads? How much the stick travels front-back, left-right? I’m trying to decide good height that would suit best.

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Hi, and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

I’m not at home to take measurements of my BRD-N, for another couple of days, so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

The length of the stick will of course depend on the height of your seat and where you place the base.

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Hi, thanks for the reply! Yes of course, I’m thinking would I place it on the bottom of the pit or raise it a little bit like with VKB GF I have now and for which I feel the sideways travel is bit too much with extension.

Have you got your BRD-N yet?
It’s adjustable by about 5-6cm in length. But it’s quite easy to unscrew the Thrustmaster docking mount and cut the pipe. So if you haven’t ordered it yet, get a length that you know will be long enough, and cut it to length when it arrives.

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Great, that sound good! Do you think it would be feasible to add S-curve to the pipe somewhere that can bend it such? Or would it mess with the mech?

That should be possible. The pipe is rather soft steel and should bend pretty easily.
Just don’t bring it too far out of balance so it will hang back. Are you going to use a Thrustmaster stick grip?
I have some great black heatshrink tubing that I covered the pipe with, after I cut it. I have several meters and I’ll be happy to send you some.
I thought about bending the pipe myself, actually. But then I got the VPC MT-50 and decided to use that one in my pit. I kept the BRD-N though, as I may want to use it if the VPC stick fails. So far there’s no signs of that happening…

Thank you so much, hope others will benefit from this too. I’ll have the long enough pipe and then get back with the travel I ended up with.

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