Brief Arma Poll

Oh hi. Yes and yes.

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What I was more getting at was, “Appreciate that your capabilities are going to be those of a bunch of people that, while willing, are working together in new roles in new circumstances for the first time.”

So instead of a huge, epic mission that would take 2 hours to complete successfully, do a set of missions that take 20-30 min max with simple objectives. I.E.: Destroy this complex. Defend this area. Secure this town and then (insert respawn/reinforce here) defend from the counter-attack.

ArmA’s mission editor is pretty powerful- maybe for fun set up paintball-like scenarios and get some PVP action in there.




Just putting it out there… 26 people can make a pretty good large scale pvp scenario

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I’d be down to give it a try, I don’t have 3 or the dlc lol but its always looked quite entertaining.

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With the Steam Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale coming up, there’s no better time to pick up Apex and save a few $$.

Just started playing Arma 3 after a long break, and I think I severely underestimated just how much fun you can have with this game. The sandbox is limited only by your imagination… and time of course.

Try to keep the addons simple and Steam subscribable. I tried joining a SimHQ game this weekend and gave up as there were many many gigs of dlc I needed!


I will most likely be able to now and I am back baby!