Brief Arma Poll

Another straw poll

    1. Are you Interested in playing a coordinated Arma Mission?
    1. If you answered yes to one, have you, or are you planning to purchase the Apex DLC?

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Yes and yes.

As long is there are kiddie-proof instructions to the mods we will require… as i am sure the beer ghost may hinder any sort of logical thinking on my part

if if, if, this is a thing, I’m going to try and keep it mostly mod free this time. Tanoa added a lot of things that make that more palatable, hence poll.

Yeah…definitely yes and yes… I’m a veteran Arma newb if that makes any sense. Which translates to - you don’t want me next to you in the foxhole…

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Ill be there to help out any way I can.

An hopeful, double yes from me.
Hopeful as in “I’m still without Internet and I’m not sure when I’ll have it but I want to!”

Oh I do. That way I’ll always know where the nachos are.


Oooh Mudspike inside jokes! We are a real community now!

… that’s nacho foxhole!


oh yes and yes. But no aircraft carrier!

Yes and Yes.

But (and I should really make this my sig) I am PC-free until the whole VR thing flushes itself out.

Yes and yes.
But I may not me able to attend because I am taking a PC break for a little while.

Hell yeah, would love to!

Definitely would be interested.

Task Force Radio, or something similar, would be a plus.

Yes and yes.


omagawd it’s @adlabs6! :smile:

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@adlabs6 is probably like “omg - it’s @near_blind…wooot!”

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Knew this day would come. :laughing:

My advice:

  1. Baby Steps - From the votes, 26 guys trying to work together as a platoon / heavy section the first time, with a leadership structure trying to work together for this first time is going to be rough.

  2. Initial Setup for Dummies - Step-by-step guide outlining exactly what settings need to be in place and how to install them so everyone’s on the same page.


  4. Do Dry Runs / Milk Runs - Set the event itself way in advance and do weekly ArmA 3 sessions to get familiar with both the game and each other.


but it’s more fun when hilariously awkward and silly things happen :slight_smile:


26 voters =/= 26 players. Hopefully we can get somewhere that close.

(Note the mod set will probably be much smaller this time around)

That sounds like some one is volunteering.