Bringing a Harrier GR3 to life again after 25 years

Oh man…that startup sound is sweeeeeeet!!!

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Very cool, but that is a FOD heavy environment to do a ground run. I’d be seriously worried about that.

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@TheAlmightySnark - I thought the same thing. Spend all that time and money and one bolt or rock through the engine and it’s all lost… Does seem like an odd location for an engine run, even at low power. I wonder if the Harrier has “ice vane” type inlets that allow for the passage of FOD when operating from austere locations…

I’ve looked into their operation a little and it looks like they restore in idle condition mostly and are resellers of aircraft parts.

It’s still impressive, but rather dangerous. Not too fond of the chap on the left either, he keeps moving a little too much towards the engine for my comfort.

Nice find Beach…

I’m sure its all quite safe and thought that was mostly idle condition the GR3 was in despite the sound, also working up pressure for the old cockpit gauges to work.

I’m pretty sure those guys know about FOD quite well since they have an experienced Harrier pilot doing the test with them.

Its always good to question though if in doubt.

My Dad was with the RAF GR1 Harriers in Germany early 70’s, loved it, was of right teenage learning age for a future aviation enthusiast I suppose :slight_smile:

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This is good too.

Love the Harriers :smile: