Brix' Boche Bash

Did a quick mission for Normandy. Shame we don’t have any German ships, but oh well. This has not been tested - Murph & I just wanted something for some quick fun, so this is what I came up with. Hope it works.

BBB.7z (376.9 KB)

After moving inland, 4 allied flights have been tasked with giving the Boche a good bashing, to prevent their escape.

Aircraft can land at any of the forward allied bases to refuel, rearm and get patched up.

The USAF has two P-51D Mustangs based at St. Pierre du Mont, c/s Colt. The Flt Ldr is armed with 10 HVAR and the wingman with two M64 bombs.

There are also two USAF assigned Spitfires at St. Laurent-sur-Mer. As the slackies haven’t brought up the boom-boom stuff yet, these only have their cannon available. Their c/s is Dodge.

We have two similar flights representing the RAF (jolly good show, chaps!) - Enfield flight, consisting of two Spits at Bazenville and Springfield flight, two P-51Ds at Beny-sur-Mer. They are armed in the same way as the USAF lot.

All red targets are fair game! The speedboats at the mouth of the river Ouistreham will try to harrass any allied shipping or special forces chaps (nudge, nudge - wink, wink) trying to get up the river - so take your time with those, as they will be on station throughout.

Priority target is the train (hush-hush codenamed Choo-choo), driving from St. Lo to Caen station. It won’t be travelling that fast - around 15mph, but has top quality Schwarzwaldekirschtorte on board and is therefore a priority target, to sap the Boche Kommandant’s morale.

Speaking of the Kommandant, he can be found just South of the airfield at Carpiquet, with his staff in 5 Kübelwagen, awaiting the loading of vital Warsteiner Pils and Bratwurst onto the waiting Opel Blitz trucks. He and his Pils-pilfering offizier kamaraden must all be destroyed, along with the comms antenna and fuel tanks (suspected to be used to camouflage the remaining supply of Wartseiner…).

Be aware that the airfield is guarded by two Vierling quad-gun AAA installations, at the NE and SW perimeter.

Air assetts are limited to 3 Fw-190D-9 aircraft at Lignerolles. As the pilots there personally did away with the airfield’s remaining supplies of Pils’n’wurst in a night operation, it’s thought it may take them up to an hour to get airborne. Four Jagdpanzer IV tank killers are on their way to this airfield along the main road, and must be stopped, before they get close enough to smell the pilots. We don’t want accusations of chemical and biological weapons circulating.

There you go, chaps - you have your targets, how you go about your task is up to you. Tally-ho!

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That’s like the best cake there is…ever!
Do we have any intel on which car they loaded the cakes?

The diner :wink:


which will probably have a couple of 2 cm Flakvierling 38 on the wagons either side :fearful:

Now, I wouldn’t do a rotten thing like that!

Would I…? :face_with_monocle:

OK, did some test flying and it seems the trucks didn’t spawn at all and I don’t think the train did either. There are a number of trains, but I don’t think they are mine - just civvy traffic. How you tell the difference as far as targets are concerned…

Anyway, these are your two birds:

This is the target airfield:

You have to reckon with these bad boys:

You’ll probably struggle to find the jagdpanzers - I found them by keeping a hawk eye out for movement between the trees…

Their reaction to you will be to bunch up, as the first one slows, which actually makes them an easier target for bombs, with more damage likely to be caused per drop.

If you struggle to find the kübelwagen, just look for the two that stand out beyond the trees:

The speedboats, with their mid-eastern looking crew and lets call those Kalashnikovs late MP-44’s! :wink:
are easy to find at low altitude- and you are hard to spot for them!

As I said - I don’t know if the target train spawns - I’ll look into that, and the trucks being AWOL. You could always just have some target practice at the many trains around the tracks…

Although performance in VR was generally within the acceptable range, there are still lighting issues

though it also depends on the direction of the Sun…

So, by all means go out and enjoy the training scenario - I will try and get it improved, but it’s a start for some WWII fun :slight_smile:
btw - atm the Fw-190D-9’s don’t take off until 13:00z (mission start at 12:00z) - I will adjust that. I was hoping they would sit on the apron for that hour, but they don’t actually spawn until they are about to take off. Don’t know how to sort that out, as there is no mission editor option to just sit them there, without taking off.