Buddy Fox A-10C UFC

You guys seen this?

Looks really cool!

Reviewed by Jabbers here.


I just watched that video last night and I agree VERY cool. Heck, between this some TM Cougar MFD panels and a TM Warthog you have a pretty darn sweet pit for the A-10C.

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Saw that floating around Hoggit. Looks very impressive! Would love to see one for the F-18 :slight_smile:

I don’t have a good spot for it in my current setup but I am tempted to buy it to see what switches and such that they are using.

Cool to see things like this coming out. But it’s becoming increasingly hard to justify with VR

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Well that’s my large fear in investing in things like this or even the TM Cougar MFD’s. All it will take is somebody to eventually release some form of interactive glove that can be worn while in VR and it’s game over so to speak. Probably still a number of years off given the current rate at which V2 headsets appear to be coming to market, but one can dream right?

It is, although for physical buttons I wonder if some sort of hybrid cockpit might work well. When I went on a recent ‘high end’ VR thingy, it worked really well having physical things to push/prod/pull - even in full room-scale VR. I can imagine a cockpit being built that might work really well in VR like that…

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I have had similar thoughts…
I would love to try sitting in a real cockpit, of a corresponding DCS module and wear my Rift.

I have done some initial tests to see if I hit the same physical spot, if I try to «touch» a certain point in the virtual cockpit. With a little training it is absolutely possible to hit a switch.

The problem with a physical pit, and a virtual view, is that you would be stuck with flying the same DCS module all the time.

So, yes, some sort of VR glove that let me use my HOTAS and ruddepedals and reach virtual switches, would be nice.

You can easily train VR muscle memory for a VR pit…for example:

Master Arm switch is in the same general location of all jets (far left on vertical panel), close enough in any jets to have a VR pit positioned with a switch on the far left vertical and fool your brain into feeling immersed…plus a Master Arm switch always 1) has a locking toggle switch to have to pull out 2) has a unique head on the switch top. Same goes for Master Mode push buttons.

Emergency jettison, same general place. The only big circle push button, so easy to feel out.

Landing gear assembly is easy to “feel out” as well, it’s always on the left side, protrudes out, and your mind will easily learn where exactly to grab it with your hand coming off your throttle on the left side.

Flaps switch is always in same general location and is the only switchtop that is flat headed

A DDI/MFD is easy to feel out…5 buttons on each side, you know where it is (i.e. where to reach to) it will only take a second to find the right button (i.e touch 1, 2, 3, press down the left side of OSB’s, for example).

A UFC would be the most challenging to ingrain muscle memory on, but I 100% believe it can be done with repetition through flying.

I think the key is this: You build a VR pit with only switches, knobs, buttons, handles, etc for the functions you need to work while in flight. This minimizes clutter and makes it easy to blindly located the things you need in flight (e.g. the items above plus others). Those items are, generally speaking, located in the same area of the cockpits of jets so you won’t need to be “looking at your cockpit inside the HMD to find the real life cockpit switch”, you just reach and hit the switch because your brain knows where it’s at. This is why real jets vary the switchtops on switches that are next to each other…you shouldn’t have to physically look at it to find it, you can do it from muscle memory. Things like Formation, Ant-Collision, etc externally lighting knobs don’t need to be included…you can tune those knobs with the mouse on the ground during startup and use the “Master External Lights” on the outboard part of the throttle to control those. You don’t need APU and Engine Start switches because you never used those in the air, only on the ground during start up. And so on, you probably get the point by now.

Just my $0.02


Hmm. It appears that Jabbers’ review is either restricted or been pulled. Wondering why.

I am still seeing it.

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I’m wondering if the kids clicked on something that will take me a few months to uncover.

Update: works at home, so my biz partners probably have enabled some sort of flight sim content filtering in place to keep me focused LOL.

From the Buddy-Fox web site:

Well then omfg… :open_mouth:

We got such an insane amount of orders that we’ve been working around the clock to get everything assembled and shipped.
During all this, we unfortunately have run out of stock on some components, for which we are on hold until estimated august.

We’re sorry for the delay, we thought we were well prepared for the launch but seems like we got overwhelmed.

We still take orders though and all of the backorders are to be shipped asap, by the order number.

I’ll just leave this right here.


Nice! If they put out something F-16/18 themed (18 without the displays) I would be all over it. Still sorely tempted though!

Looks like there might be a F-18 IPC/UFC on the horizon? Jabbers posted this over on hoggit: link

And this on the ED Forums in early October? link