Bus Simulator 16


Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 - No vortex ring state, no buy.

I would really like to know how many copies of this they have sold…
Do gamers buy it because they are interested in it?
Do they buy it ironically?
Do they buy it at all?

So many questions…

Maybe school systems are buying it to help teach sex ed?

About 225,000 owners. Yesterday’s peak concurrent player numbers was 41. For comparison, the Steam DCS World had 189 players yesterday.

Yes, it’s a joke game, as in if you caught yourself laughing or even just smiling at the trailer video then people might have dropped an ironic $1 on it. Most of the publicity just comes from the ridiculous nature of it, but there is a simple flash-like 8-bit game there too (heh heh).

People buy it ironically. It is like the Star Wars Holiday Special (even Sithspawn hates it I guess :smiley: )

(I bought Goat Simulator pretty much that way. It is so bad it is hilarious)

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