Bus Simulator 16

This is actually selling pretty well. I can’t believe you even have to issue the tickets, as that’s up there with Bear Simulator realism for me. Includes Multiplayer plus people walking like their hips don’t flex.

Ze Germans, they do love their public transportation and simulators, nicht wahr?

DLC coming soon!

  • Speed!
    • Keep your speed up or mayhem will ensue! Includes romantic dialog and voice clips acting by Dennis Hopper, Keanu Reaves, and Sandra Bullocks.
  • Field Trip
  • Happy Valley fourth graders are headed out for a series of field trips: to the Bank, the Museum, and the Farm [Payday 2 and Goat Simulator multiplayer compatibility pending]
  • High School Football Tour
  • Take the West State champions and their alcoholic coach on their path to victory, making stops at football stadiums, hotels, rec enters, truck stop backlots, and a nighttime visit to a federal prison. [This DLC is currently Rated M]

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t lose!

“5 realistic districts of a city”

That conjures up so many possibilities. (Was gonna link to the bus scene in the opening of Straight Outta Compton…but decided it was a bit too NSFW…LOL…)

And here I was thinking DLC would have to include the Marching Band Trip:
With the upper racks crammed full of instruments, helmets, and uniforms, navigate winding country roads, gravel school parking lots, and muddy activity fields without spilling anything. As an added challenge, quickly use the interior lights and rearview mirrors to spoil any would-be Romeos any time the one parent chaperone wakes up and yells, “hand check!” to keep your passengers healthy and sexually frustrated. Your journey will include doubling back at least once after the Pit Team van/ trailer breaks down in the middle of the night, and will include stops through at least two fast food restaurants (because one of them doesn’t provide appropriate menu items for angsty teenagers with self-imposed dietary restrictions), the local drugstore (to get Oxy pads for the tuba players, Dramamine for the clarinets, Valtrex for the color guard (if you didn’t complete the hand check challenge in time more than twice) Xanax for the flutes, and random shiny things for the drumline.

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TIL - Hand check is a thing for marching band. :eyes:

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If you’re riding on the same bus as the flutes or the color guard, yes. :innocent:

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So many jokes…so little time…

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So two years before I happened upon the scene, there was an infamous incident in our band where a couple (one was a floutist) managed to sneak into the same bench in the bus, and use their rain coats to assemble a tent, wherein they proceeded to… well this is a SFW site.

Needless to say, one of the chaperones noted their absence, went to investigate and discovered them in the act. Pants were shat, gaskets blown, two years subtracted from the directors life, chaperones granted extra judicial powers and High School legends forged.

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That happened a LOT, especially if a couple of well-known parents were chaperoning your bus- we’re pretty sure they were negligent on purpose. My senior year of high school, the flutes and trumpets were decimated by a mono epidemic that apparently originated in the drumline.

The band director couldn’t really do much, since he was dating a student teacher from the local university who’d spotted him the first week of classes and decided she wanted to start volunteering with the marching band. So much scandal that year…


Man, you were in a cool band.

I did four years and all I got was groped by a future stripper and a permanent farmers tan.


I never knew…

I was in French club. We took a trip to France. Et on connaît la suite!

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It doesn’t stop.
It just doesn’t stop, does it?

Ooh! I just thought of another DLC pack that will have to be available later:

The “Blue Falcon” Expansion Pack:

In this new first-person capable package, experience the view firsthand of the bottom of the bus, courtesy of your superiors or “friends” in this exclusive military expansion to the original franchise! Includes player skins to simulate any branch of the U.S. military, and any ranks E-1 through E-5. OR, for a new challenge, don the uniform of a senior enlisted or any officer, and choose which of your subordinates gets thrown from the sidewalk!

Comes with base maps for Fort Bragg, Fort Drum, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Bliss, Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, Twenty Nine Palms, Yuma MCAS, Miramar MCAS, Tinker AFB, McGuire AFB, Langley AFB, Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Station San Diego, NAS North Island, and NAS Jacksonville.

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What if they added Bus Simulator buses to DCS? That would be awesome…trying to drive your route while an airstrike hits targets in the area…rubble blocked streets causing you to re route…perhaps dealing with a tire flattened by a shrapnel…do you fix it now or drive on it to a safer place? The lives of the commuters are depending on you! What excitement! :smile:


Ok, I have to post this, it is another simulator: :smiley: