Busy E-2C Driver behind the boat

I’m always amazed, being a non-flyer, how busy certain body parts are during these phases of flight.

E-2C Hawkeye approach turn, carrier landing (and parking) aboard CVN70

I jump-seated once on a VERY blustery day at, I think it was Albuquerque (B737), cross wind and such. Dude’s arms, hands, and feet were all over the place. Afterwards I was just, “WOW!, nice!”. Pilot was like, “Thanks”…nothin too it.


could be fun in DCS or XP


Daaaaannnng! Wonder if I’m doing it wrong…similar videos I see of Hornets trapping and their throttle and stick are working much harder than I am (movement of course, not force).

Hmmm, now that I think about it, I’m always in VR and turn off the pilot body and stick - so I wouldn’t actually see anything. Just sense that I’m not moving things that much. Throttle does move more so.

Perhaps lack of real world forces I imagine - turbulence and that ‘burble’ behind the boat. Anyway, nice video!


The laser-like focus of their facial expressions is intense. My grandfather resented any intrusion on his concentration when he was doing an IFR approach, like the ticking of a wristwatch.

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Noticed this too, and external shots shows the control surfaces especially the stabilators dancing around a lot more which we don’t see in DCS.

Making large changes in DCS yields bigger results than it should at times it seems.

You don’t get the slight temperature changes and gusts in DCS that you do in the real world. Even minute changes have you dancing in a little plane let alone a jet

What amazes me ithe amount of trimming even in the groove. That is on top of the yoke movements.

Also the guy on the second video seems to be heads down a lot.

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