But can your PC run Crysis

… Remastered?


because the games industry is as devoid of new ideas as the film industry


I don’t think anyone will doubt that of the 4 Crysis games, the 1st was best and Warhead was 2nd. The other 2 were technically superior but the setting and story just seemed…meh.

What I would prefer is to have them redo the first 2 and then make NEW sequels and forget about 3 and 4. Kind of like how Superman Returns assumed 1 and 2 happened but ignored 3 and 4!


I’m easy. Crysis is one of my all-time favorite game series. Of course the first is my absolute favorite. The only level I disliked was aboard the alien ship. Lost my orientation one time too many. But that is a minor gripe compared to the fun factor.

The first time I ran it my jaw dropped. My buddy came by to see it and he bought it the following day. My circle of friends would talk Crysis for hours. It is also one of the few games I replayed multiple times.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to press the purchase button but I still would like to see some side-by-side videos.

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Yup, Crysis- the one game that needed a remake to improve graphics…


isn’t this just a way to keep the Meme alive lol