ButtKicker 20% off!

You can reach me via PM if your interested.

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What’s referralcandy.com about @Brennus?


For every 20% coupon that’s redeemed, I receive $20 from ButtKicker. Shameless? Maybe…


Is your financial situation fragile? Do you need our support @Brennus ?
Or do you suggest I make an account there (being a poor student) and start a similar thread to yours? How many such threads would be tolerable? Do we then have to filter them and have a poll to decide who deserves the $20 most and gets the exclusive rights to post referralcandy links on Mudspike?

Just some questions that came to mind


No, and no. I received an e-mail from ButtKicker for the 20% discount and I didn’t realize it was gonna give me $20 per referral until I read the fine print, and I decided to share it anyway. As a matter of fact, if I receive any $$$ from referrals, I will gladly donate it to MUDSPIKE! Otherwise, if this is too sticky, feel free to remove the thread.


Alrighty then. The Mudspike Tribal Elders had a chat and we came up with this:

  • If you use a referral link, please state that it is one clearly beforehand in the post. That seems fair.

  • Please don’t post them a lot, i.e. more than one a month or something, just be sensible with them.

  • Up to now no-one has done anything wrong (this isn’t just directed at you @Brennus), as we’ve not really had to think about this before and we probably should have.

There’s nothing in the rules or anything about this, as it doesn’t come up often. We have had members post ‘ads’ for stuff, so we’re trying to be consistent. @BeachAV8R is probably off flying a plane or something, so we probably need to chat more as well (or let us know what you think with a msg to @staff please).

Cheers! :beer:

PS I’ll put a copy of this in #meta so if people want to chat about it more then they can do so there.


Another idea. How about I remove the link in the original post, and allow forum members to reach me by PM if they are still interested. It’s more about the discount than the $20 referral anyway. I’ll donate whatever I receive to MUDSPIKE! And just to clarify, I didn’t sign up to a referral program, I received the promo code e-mail because I had just recently purchased a ButtKicker Gamer 2 from ButtKicker.


Well solved, gentlemen!
I am sorry for my rude questions, couldn’t find a better way to ask yesterday night… Evidently @Brennus is a much better person than what my previous post makes him look like. Or something. I’m bad with words today.

I just want to apologize and compliment you both.


No need to apologise, your inquiry was valid. I should have included the referral in the original post, but I wanted to share a discount with the community that I thought would benefit the most. Personally, at $150+, I would have appreciated 20% off when I purchased the ButtKicker Gamer 2 a couple of months ago. But I also appreciate that it can constitute as an advertisement, so I apologise for any miscommunication.


The way this was solved makes me happy - polite and nobody threw their toys. It’s easy to misunderstand tones when it isn’t a face-to-face conversation - props for sorting so well :blush:

I’m pretty keen to get one of these but need a dedicated sim chair first. I’d imagine it adds to immersion nicely - probably awesome with VR!


…or start the Crowd Funding for an F-111…just a thought. :sunglasses: