Can someone help me install a TARGET profile in DCS...please?

I am facing multiple learning curves as I reinstall DCS after three years away. I have no experience with the Thrustmaster Warthog TARGET software. One of the most teeth-grinding challenges is attempting to activate a user-made Thrustmaster Warthog profile for the L-39 Albatros in DCS. It’s a very well-made profile but I just cannot figure out how to get it going. If someone could explain this to me as though to a very smart ten year-old I would be very grateful.

Here’s the deal. The instructions go as follows:

Install :

  1. Unzip file content where you want on your PC.
  2. Open Target.
  3. Run the “Combined XXXXXX.tmc” with “Run configuration” Button.
  4. Open DCS.
  5. Load the 3 .diff files provided in the correct category (see file name).
  6. Enjoy !

Warning ! : Works only if you load the 3 DCS command profiles provided, in the proper categories (Keyboard/Thrustmaster Virtual Device/Thrustmaster Virtual Device Axis), and set the TrackIR/Teamspeack keybinds as specified in the layout image provided.

The italicized text is what I simply cannot wrap my brain around. Where are these “categories” to be found? The names of the files I am supposed to load in the correct categories are


But how do I load them? In DCS, it appears, but how? I am familiar with the columns is the DCS controls setup page but what do I do once I get the combined device column after running the configuration file in TARGET?

Please help, I am about to tear what’s left of my hair out. Many thanks.

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I’m sorry to hear about your problems. I myself have never used it because the in-game DCS controller options are more than flexible and powerful with respect to programming controllers in the simulation. I believe most people do not actually use this TARGET software with DCS.

However some people do and if you have not done already, check out these videos on YouTube regarding the TARGET software.

Using Thrustmaster Warthog TARGET Software

I hope this helps.

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This will be no help to you but I got a t16000 hotas and pedals this week and I installed target but couldn’t get anything to work either. I uninstalled it immediately and used the in game setup and was flying in 15 mins. Also once I’d set up the harrier my other planes took much less time and I saved all as html incase it lost them with an update in the future

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Thanks to you both for your helpful responses.

Victor, when you use the DCS settings to configure your HOTAS functions, do you need to delete the default entries in any of the columns before mapping both of your devices in their columns and saving the profile?

Hi Barry.

I tend to start on the configure axis page and move everything on my stick and pedals to see what the defaults feel like. I only delete the entries I don’t like or want to change. Once that’s done i move to buttons and repeat oy clearing entries to be changed then save as html and when I exit I move a copy of the file to separate storage. Hope that makes sense

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How do you use the controls interface to save your profile and where? I am not finding it very intuitive, especially as I am in DCS for the first time in four years and with a brand new HOTAS, so I really appreciate your patience.

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Once you have set up if you look at the bottom next to or near the define axis tab there is a tab which says save as html. Once you click that it looks like dcs is about to crash but it opens a window and saves the file. I will have a look when I get home where that file saves but I have a feeling its in the user profiles section of dcs install but I’m not in front of my pc as I said. If you copy that file you will have it ready in case you need to re install dcs or it updates in the future.

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Firstly, are you using TrackIR? Secondly, in order to save your profile you can do one of two ways.

When you configure the software to the particular button on the HOTAS, you can just hit the “OK” button down on the lower right of the screen. It is green, you can’t miss it. Your profile is saved everytime you hit that green button after configuring a control.

You can also “save profile as” by clicking on an empty cell, hitting “save profile as” and naming your profile and saving it to the proper place. Remember though, each profile is for a particular piece of equipment of your set-up. In other words you are going to have at minimum a joystick profile, a throttle profile and a rudder pedal profile. Each column shows you what equipment DCS has found you plugged into it.

I have a Thrustmaster Warthog and Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals so I have three profiles. Joystick, Throttle and Rudder Pedals. What you will have depends on your set-up.

When you name each profile, you save it to the following;

PC/Windows C: (what ever drive you have it on)/Users/Your Name/SavedGames/DCS.

Here are two videos I picked out for you to take a look at, get a reference point from which to start. This should help you I think. Keep asking questions, no such things as a dumb question.

Good luck, let us know how it goes and any questions going forward.



Many thanks, RedBravo65, I definitely owe you a beer.


Glad to be of help. I’m particularly fond of Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse! :wink:

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