Canadian Approach Plates

Anyone know where to get these? IVAO used to have them, but the link is dead now, and I no longer have the copy I downloaded…

If you still have the link the documents may still be available at the Internet Archive, especially if it was a popular site.


I don’t. Though I’m tempted to get one.

Internet archive genius idea. I always forget that.

I used to have a site that had all the CAP booklets and now it looks like it is dead. :frowning:

Hmmmm…IVAO Canada is in fact no more. I also just checked the US FAA site because…you know, maybe we bought Canada or something…turns out we did not. :open_mouth:

For RL or sim?

SimPlates still works for sim

For RL…well…Canada is the world’s second largest country (by landmass) so it would be a bummer if you could’t fly there…shucks. :grimacing:

I dont know about websites, but the free app fltplan go for android and iOS includes canadian plates. I think you can actually find it as an app from the windows store as well.

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I started to realize that since vatsim and ivao link to it. Needs an account. Wasn’t sure if access to the plates was free or not.

Thanks for info.