Cannot bind trim in iL2 BoX

No matter what hat I try and assign on my X56 to aileron and elevator trim will not work in game. It accepts the inputs in the key binding screen but will not work when flying. I’ve made sure nothing is duplicated, taken out the default key presses and still nothing will work…

Anyone have any ideas?

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Not all aircraft have trim. Some german aircraft have adjustable stabilizers.
Have you tried different aircraft?

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Ermmmm…maybe… tries to look like he knows what he’s doing

Soooo, which ones would be having trim? I already know but just testing if you do… :shushing_face:


The Spitfires have elevator and rudder trim, but no aileron. Try that.


You passed! Well done :grin:

Thanks Troll, I’ll have a look tonight. I was trying on the Stuka and 109 last night with trim and adjustable stab. mapped but guessing they don’t have either then?


The Stuka and 109 do have trim, but it’s called something different. I think @Troll is correct in that they are called adjustable stabilizers. I’m not at my gaming rig, so I can’t check.

I just mapped the adjustable stabilizer to the same hat switch as the trim commands (i.e. double mapping). It works fine.

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Hmmm wonder why it didn’t work for me…

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@Mace, here is a link to a guy who does superb pilot guides for each individual aircraft in the IL-2 series. Down in the notes section of each aircraft profile, he mentions things like trim controls or stabilizer controls. I always fly with these notes of what-ever aircraft I’m using right in front of me.

Jade Monkey’s Pilot Notes for IL-2 Great Battles


Great link!

Thanks @RedBravo65 :salute:


Mace, if you still haven’t got trim working, it’s likely because you haven’t mapped whatever buttons you wish to use, to both the Trim function AND Trim axis. Seems some recent change in the game now requires that you map both before it’ll work correctly.


I’ve done it. I was mapping using the up, down, left and right inputs. I deleted them and used the elevator and trim axis only (each allows 2 button presses) and it works! Thanks everyone for the help :blush:

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