Can't settle on gamma setting in DCS (HP Reverb)

What gamma settings are you using in VR? (I am on HP Reverb)

I am fiddling around 1.5-1.8 but nothing seems right. While the outside is too bright, the cockpit is a coal pit :sleepy:

Are you happy with your setting? Are there any workarounds?


I don’t seem to have a problem at the moment - though I am doing mostly mid-day flights. I due tend to turn on the instrument lights in case I get into a shadowed orientation but other than that it seems stable. My current setting is 2.2, however.

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It seems the OpenVR Advanced Settings does the trick.

It is a SteamVR overlay which in Video tab allows to change brightness. So I ramped up gamma in DCS (not to loose too much contrast) and lowered brightness in OpenVR AS.

I did just testing, no flying yet though.