Tired of your dumb gloves, get some VR smart gloves instead! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

An independent glove tracking solution, with mouse emulation to help it work with most games. Like this one:

We’re talking $490USD for a pair though, so don’t use them for dog walks.


that looks highly suspect on the inset thumbnail…


I wonder if a hobo edition of this would be better, in that forget all the finger tracking and the like, but just provide a glove that can be used with a HOTAS, but you can ‘head look’ and then a small switch in the finger (or fingers, like a 2 cent switch between finger and thumb) that allows you to trigger a ‘MOUSE1’ (or some other gesture, like ‘rotate’ etc).

It would be a bit crappy, but it would be very cheap. In VR I could then look up and over and turn that Huey dome light on/off as much as I liked, and then been about $400 less poor. It would work great with existing HOTAS’s, save grabbing the mouse blind and probably enhance the feeling of being there (a pilot, not a hobo).


Offering Fearlessfrog a drink

Soooo, about this glove idea of yours…

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Only if we can call it ‘HoboGloveVR’ and offer a fingerless edition as part of the ‘Derelicte’ fashion range.


Heheheh, love the reference!

But really, we got @Troll roll here for the technical details, @komemiute me for the design and @fearlessfrog Fearlessfrog for the idea.

We can’t miss.

No, really- why not?
You can take the circuitry of a mouse, and morph/apply/magicabalilla to a pair of nice looking gloves…
AS you said, jsut enough to register some “action” as a right or left mouse click.

No motion tracking, no fancypantsy high tech.

How hard can it be? (That’s what she said, boom)


Has anybody read Ready Player One?

One step closer to a full OASIS rig…

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Loved the book, scared about the movie adaptation…

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