Carenado PC12 for XP11 - does anyone have it?

I have accumulated enough points to pick this one up for free. Does anyone here have it and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

But of course. Stunningly executed, is GTN 750 ready, and it doesn’t have many bugs to squash. Best to read through their XP support forum just in case there is a show stoppers. And make sure that the thread is referring to the latest release for XP11. It’s often ambiguous as to which aircraft is being discussed.

Awesome, thanks Dan!

Yeah…I have the XP10 version of the PC12, but not the XP11 version. I really liked the 10 version, but it doesn’t play well with XP11…

Well, it’s downloading now :slight_smile: .

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Let me know what version that is you have. I honestly can’t remember what version I bought. Mine says PC12 v3.2…

Ah…looking at my invoice, I’m pretty sure my version is XP10…might have to pick it up on sale…

I picked up the XP11 version but I have been caught out before on that before.
So far I really like it. I would say initial impression is that it is a nicer Coranado aircraft than the B200 (XP11 version). Of course, that shiny GTN750 might have something to do with it :dizzy_face: .


@PaulRix and @BeachAV8R should make a schedule about who picks up what module and when, so that us mudspike plebs get the best coverage of X-plane modules :wink:

All joking aside, that looks gorgeous paul!


This is what happens when I have to stay at home for an extended time, not able to fly for real, waiting for the F18 to arrive. I end up browsing with an itchy trigger finger. PayPal makes it way to easy. Lol.

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Thanks for the link!

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