Carenado Sale on X-Plane store

Any recommendations?

Stay away from anything not specified as XP11 compatible. I spend a fair amount of time in their support forum, and their position is that they will update everything to XP11, but they will charge for that. So if you buy an XP10 product, plan on buying it twice, unless you only fly XP10.

I’m a huge fan of Carenado products, but their XP10 aircraft do not play well with XP11. FYI, the Do228 is pretty much the only aircraft working with rc3.

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And how’s the Do228? Never saw a review on it so far…

Probably my favorite aircraft that they have released so far. Superb across the board. Great attention to detail and it comes setup for RealityXP GTN750 integration out of the box.

And even if it’s your first payware aircraft for X-Plane, it is amazing