Carrier colors refresher

Because you know DCS has to model ALL of them right??!


Ah, that brings back memories.

You nuke guys didn’t have to wear colors I’m guessing - you just had the GLOW about you… :smiley:

No self-respecting nuke would be caught DEAD wearing one of those stupid jerseys. And when the chain of command on my ship insisted that senior officers and enlisted wear them, we started making fun of our guys who had to wear them.

has there been any details given out on what ED will be adding when they get around to making proper carrier ops happen?

Aside from the part about being able to walk around, and the screenshots showing crew members at various places on deck, not that I’m aware of. We’re pretty much just speculating on what we’d like to see right now.

There’s a lot missing.
Here’s a primary source with more info. Figure 3-1


I don’t know that I’d say there’s a lot missing. Also, you’re not always going to see all those people on deck at the same time during fight ops, photographers, maintenance, and cargo handlers, for example. And I’d bet that we’re not going to get all those people on deck anyway, unless DCS models them as non-collidable background animations, like cars on the Vegas strip in the NTTR map. Otherwise the pathfinding AI would bring most modern systems to a grinding halt, or everybody and their cousin would find their engines constantly FOD’d out from ingesting Airedales.

Speaking of which, I’m really, really hoping they dunt plan on modeling the FOD walkdowns before every flight. I’d ragequit as soon as I heard the ABH’s start blowing their whistles.


Yeah, you are right. A lot was a bit of an exaggeration. The jerseys colors are the most important code and they covered that.

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I am curious to see if there will be some of the additional crew from crash and smash, for example, if you declare an emergency on the way in, or if they have to rig the barricade. Seeing that chart in the NATOPS got me thinking about a lot of these things… And now gave me more reading material to prepare. :slight_smile:

Rigging the barricade is an all hands evolution on the flight deck - a lot of green shirts in there but a “virtual rainbow” to be sure…at least in the drills I’ve seen from vultures row.

The one time I saw it rigged for real was at night…F-14 extremely low on gas, both airborne KA-6 tankers “sour”, stormy conditions which led to a “pitching deck wave off” and a “hook skip bolter” on his first two passes…blue water ops so no Bingo divert airfield…did I mention it was at night…it also happened about an hour or so after another Tomcat had landed too far right, clipped the drops tanks of a couple A-6E’s parked by the foul line, starting a pretty big fire on the flight deck … that F-14, minus most of its right wing, kept going…the aircrew ejected…it splashed…so after all that got cleaned up, our Tomcat unsuccessfully tried twice to land. Its fuel gauges were pretty much on “E” … it had one pass left (maybe)…so they rigged the barricade to catch it no matter what happened.

A long way to say that I was watching from the ready room and, given the night vision of the PLAT cameras is essentially B&W, I couldn’t tell exactly what color shirts were participating.

Not to leave you hanging, the F-14 pilot (a room mate) actually had an OK 3 wire before going into the barricade. Everybody was OK

An interesting night in naval aviation. :sunglasses:


@Hangar200 wow.

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Holy cow!
Thanks for sharing that story! :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thanks @Hangar200 ! Naval aviation surely has the most exciting job! :slight_smile: