Carrier Operation and DCS Supercarrier Video

Ive documented what I ve learned about Carrier Operation, it’s terminology, carrier strike group, squadrons, organization in the carrier strige group, Also how to sequentially launch aircraft from DCS supercarrier for smooth sequential launch cycle. Useful also for creating videos

Hope you might found something useful
Carrier Operation :
Nimitz Class Supercarrier :
Nimitz Class Supercarrier Part 2:
Sample of Spotting aircraft in flight deck :
Crew, Equipment, Aircraft, Spawn of DCS Supercarrier :
Sequential Launch Cycle in DCS Supercarrier:

Also check out my FA18C Hornet DIY Cockpit
Using my DCS FA18C Cockpit :
Build process in 4 Part video :
My Display Solution for the cockpit :


Wow! I know what I’ll be doing for the next hour or so! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That hornet pit is awesome!

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Totally awesome cockpit, @Roadrunner06!
How do you like you Pimax VR headset?

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As in my dcs display solution, I still prefer WMR samsung oddysey, vs Pimax 5K. I do order Pimax 8KX to find out if the best resolution will provide the best experience. Problem is Pimax reliability and QC still to be worried for. If your budget is limited either go the proven path like Oculus Rift S or wait further for better res. Or go with HP Reverb they just announce 2.0 version should be far better res than samsung oddysey despite its LCD many ok review for Sim. The diff vs Pimax 8KX probably there but overall experience should be the main goal. I use Pimax 5K plus just because its attachable to my HGU55 replica helmet others wont. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: other than that I rarely use Pimax 5K. Samsung Oddy still easier to dial in pixel density and just strap in without the need to switch on the lighthouse. Finding the right setting in Pimax and DCS also not straight forward

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Great feedback!
I have the Rift S but I am curious about the Pimax 8KX. But now with the Reverb G2 coming soon, I’m leaning towards that…

Thanks for these. I’m going to take a look at them today. Have you considered doing some videos on the Kuznetsov too?

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Unpopular opinion - The Supercarrier and Hornet combination is the most fun I’ve had in DCS recently. I love it - warts and all.


I support that opinion…gosh knows I am not averse to taking an unpopular stance…still…

With the exception of 4 weeks on a cruiser and 8 weeks on a sub, my sea time (think its just under 6 years) was exclusively on “flat tops”; a CV, an LPH and a CVN. The activity on the RL flight decks never gets old. DCS Super Carrier has it as close to real as I have ever seen. I totally agree with your opinion.

Plus you will never have to stand Boat Officer on a cold and very wet night during a port call in Naples…that tends to put a damper on the whole “super carrier experience”, pun intended.


I’m a simple man with simple tastes. So just the fact there is a plane director dude out there wanding me around, I get to mock salute, and drive around the boat in the pattern and laugh at my own incompetence…well, that is enough for me. Something very satisfying about shooting off the bow, coming back around…finding a wire somehow…folding up the wings and taxiing back to do it all over again.


Only thing I would occasionally add to that scenario is the satisfaction of landing an extremely wounded bird safely after a mission.


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I was having loads of fun with just the Hornet and the previous carrier…
Adding the Supercarrier is just…Nirvana!
I can safely say that there has never been a better simulation of carrier operations, for the home PC…ever…


If you didn’t own Flaming Cliffs 3 and bought the Supercarrier you also got access to the Su-33D as part of the package too correct?

Does this mean that the Supercarrier receives the much revered MUDSPIKE rating of purchase NOT RECOMMENDED?


Just curious and not trying to be a rivet counter (that just comes naturally)…

Given the current stock of flyable, carriers USN jets officially available in DCS, what is the consensus of the time frame for this combination of carrier and jets?

The reason I ask is that occasionally I like to build a mission that is “period accurate”. I saw the last Pacific Fleet operationally deployed F-14 launch from the deck of CVN-74 to head home in late 2004. So if I were to include a F-14 on a Pacific Fleet carrier, in a mission, it would be set before November 2004.

The S-3 tankers are the same…in fact the last Pacific Fleet (and Navy-wide) operationally deployed S-3B left the ship for home the same day.

I am not as up to speed on FA-18 Block numbers; do not know when (or if) the DCS FA-18C has been replaced.

Ahaha oh most definitively!

OK. I’m just gonna come out and yell it… WRITE. A. BOOK. Please Will. Write a book.

And yes. The super Carrier is the best thing to happen to DCS since the tomcat.


Given the Bug is supposed to be 2006 vintage, I’d say the Super Carrier module is intended to be thereabouts. I play fast and loose with a lot of it; for instance, the current scenario I’ve been working on is 1998 dated yet I still have A-10C slots available. We also do not have any other tactical tankers outside of the S-3B at the moment, so if one wants a recovery tanker the choices are either the S-3B or nothing. Heatblur’s A-6E/KA-6 would only add some alternatives to earlier than the mid-90s – and I’m not sure when the S-3s started getting used as tankers. That’s also not getting into how dated the S-3 model is. We’ve also only got an E-2D – which only started entering the fleet in numbers around 2014.

So what we’ve got is what we’ve got and depending on what one wants to achieve, a little bit of fudging is expected. The F-15E is modern era vintage (Sniper XR TGP instead of LANTIRN); the KC-135MPRS can only refuel via the drogue instead of both boom and drogue; the SH-60 and S-3 models are ancient; and so on. At least the modern era isn’t in the very sad state of early-mid Cold War… Or Korean War.

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How hard would it be to produce a bunch of asset packs? Say six to ten AI aircraft, ten to fifteen ground units, sell it for twenty bucks.


I’ve wondered this as well. Surely it makes sense.

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