Categories, Subforums and Tags, Oh My

One initially tricky decision is how to structure the site. The software that we use for this forum uses the term ‘categories’ to mean sub-forums and it is an acquired taste for sure.

We’ve tried to keep the number of categories down, so that it becomes more obvious on what to add over time rather than guess up-front.

What do people think should be added? Should be start with ‘sub-categories’ like DCS, IL2 straight away. Do we need to divide the big ol ‘Games’ category up sooner rather than later?


I do think it’ll take a while before i’m searching through hundreds of DCS posts to find a single IL2 one, so I don’t believe there needs to be any rush, then again it might be easier to get it done with now before you have to filter the topics already made into there respective sub-categories.

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Yep, that’s a good point - thanks. I had a look and there are easy ways to for us to go back and bulk categorize or add sub-categories etc. on existing topics.

As I use it more I am tending to start to gravitate towards the ‘latest’ tab a little more and the search looks really good. Hopefully some structure will emerge as well, in that if we get people keen on a certain type of topic then just creating a quick category and saying ‘run with it’ and then invite others could work too.

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We have auto bumping on this site?


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My wife needs an auto bump feature… Preferably shorter than 3 years… Err… What?