CCIP How am i getting it so wrong? FIXED!

After days of frustration I’m done. I watched Redkites bombing tutorials on the Bug. The tutorials are good but I’m like a box of rocks. I dont understand why the horizontal line will not drop. I end up driving almost vertically and dropping after the no drop X is on the HUD. Everytime… I try shallow and I try hi or low but never get the drop cue unless I’m low enough to blow myself up. Please help. So frustrated now.

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  1. Are you in A/G mode
  2. Do you have your bombs selected in the stores page
    2a. What kind of bombs are you dropping?
    2b. Do you have the fusing set correctly (MFUZ → Nose)
    3c. Are you have CCIP mode selected in your program (I do CS as a career, I like to get the easy ones out of the way :stuck_out_tongue:)
  3. What sort of terrain is your target in? (Flat plains, mountainous valleys, etc.)
  4. How fast are you going?
  5. What is the altitude of your nearest waypoint ?

I knew it wasn’t just about putting the thing on the thing! :dart:

Are you perhaps trying to CCIP retarded bombs?

Sobek, Did you say perhaps i’m too retarded to CCIP bombs? :laughing:

Near Blind, Thanks for coming to the rescue. Let me answer this.
1.Are you in A/G mode?

2.Do you have your bombs selected in the stores page?
Yes I programed the bombs

2a. What kind of bombs are you dropping?
All kinds, Mk82 Mk 83 (I think) and Clusters. Im using the default Weapons practice in Caucuses.
2b. Do you have the fusing set correctly (MFUZ → Nose)

YES, if you don’t set this right you get dud on the HUD and the bomb refuses to leave the rack.
3c. Are you have CCIP mode selected in your program (I do CS as a career, I like to get the easy ones out of the way :stuck_out_tongue:)
I select CCIP myself right before I get to the target.

3.What sort of terrain is your target in? (Flat plains, mountainous valleys, etc.)
Flat beach. This is the Weapons training mission Caucuses.

4.How fast are you going?
Uhmmm… Under 500 I tried 300 knots and no joy.

5.What is the altitude of your nearest waypoint ?
I tried coming in low and hi… Same result.

My problem is the horizontal line never drops down to make the cross unless I dive hard.
So I cant put the thing on the thing… Once in a while I don’t even try and it does what its supposed to. But most times, it ends up in frustration.

Thanks Guys.

We talking about these things, right?

I think that what @near_blind is getting at is that the altitude release calculation may be coming from the altitude of the waypoint you have selected when you are doing your bombing runs.So the F/A-18C’s computer is using that to continuously compute impact point. If you have a waypoint selected at, say 10,000 ft, they computer thinks that you are trying to bomb something at that altitude (and you are under it), meaning that the release cue line never shows up. Maybe. That’s just one possibility.

That also ties in to #3

Because if the jet can’t accurately figure out the altitude above ground at the impact point, it can’t figure out when to put up the release cue line.

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Your attack geometry might be the problem then- try ingress at 400 knots, 15000 feet, heading left or right of your target by a couple degrees. When it’s about 45 deg off your nose, roll into the target, cut throttle, and smoothly pull it into your HUD, then roll back level.

If you’ve done it right/elegantly you’ll be in about a 30 degree dive with the target centered on the bomb fall line- hold it steady until the X goes over your target which should happen before 5000 feet.

If you’re starting too low or the dive is too shallow you’ll be too low and the jet won’t let you drop so you don’t blast frag yourself.

EDIT: Also yeah, make sure you’re using low drag bombs, trying to dive bomb like this with ballutes or snake eyes is problematic.

I believe only the Mk83 and Mk20s are low drag in that one, the Mk82s are high drag.

Gonna throw this out there, but is the altimeter in radar mode or baro? Could that affect the CCIP?

I’ll throw my advice hat in the ring.

The drop line doesn’t show unless diving hard because you’re too slow. Go faster :fast_forward:


A/G master mode should switch that to automatic.

If the way point altitude nearest you is higher than your ownship altitude, it blanks the CCIP calculations.

Assuming we’re not dealing with a height above terrain issue (which @Fridge touched on and I won’t cover unless we have to), or a configuration issue (which it appears is correct), this sounds like it might be a speed issue. Make sure you start your attack above 400 knots.

Also as multiple people are suggesting, make sure you’re dropping slick bombs if you’re using diving attacks, and you haven’t set the DRAG setting to high in the stores page.


Not sure if it will help, here’s a sequence of screenshots from a textbook-ish attack.

I’ve rolled in using a 30 degree dive. My FPM is pegged at the 30 degrees marker, and the target is ~5 degrees down the ladder at the start of the dive. My Bomb Fall Line is a bit misaligned. I’m also going fast, which as long as you’re not breaking the sound barrier, faster is better.

I’ve dragged the BFL over the target, and am maintaining the 30 degree dive. Note the reflected impact cue (the horizontal line) has crept down the Bomb Fall Line, and the target has gotten lower in the HUD. From here on my task is to continue to fine tune alignment and maintain the 30 degree dive angle. If everything goes right, the impact cue should drag itself across the target, and I’ll pickle.

Just shy of release, the target has crept further down my hud. The reflected impact cue has disappeared and the impact cross has replaced it. The impact cue is about to cross the target. The minimum-release-altitude-staple-thingy is creeping up from the bottom (which by the way is broken as hell atm, don’t worry too much about it). This will be a good release.



The A under the altitude box when you’re in a dive in A/G mode represents Air to Ground Ranging (AGR), which is your fire control radar getting slant range to the ground. This should be better conveyed to the pilot, but I’m not sure the state to which it is implemented. If your FPM is above the horizon, it defaults to BARO.

Made a quick video of how I normally do it, sorry forgot to turn off music:


Hey guys,
Thanks a million to all of you. There’s a lot of good advice here to try as soon as I get home in the morning. Franze, can you at least Make it look hard?:grinning:
Speed seems to be what I’m lacking. I got to process all this and try again. I love the bug and harrier. Cant wait for the Skyhawk. Naval ops rule!
Cant wait to get home…


So now its morning and I am finally done with my night shift. I changed the loadout in the Weapons Practice Caucuses Mission to have only Mk83 and Rockets. Ill learn to use Snake Eyes… Someday! Here is my results.
All of you Rock! ALL My Bombs landed in the Target Zone after reading this and watching your videos and pics. The bottom line was that I was too SLOW. Fearless Frog and Near blind nailed it! The pics and Videos from you guys confirmed it. Once I started going in fast, I was able to get the bombing cue way before I got there. Now, direct hits are not easy. I need LOTS of practice. But now I have a starting point. Being gentle with the Bug does not work. You got to work it like the mad jet that it is.
Got to love this community. My most humble gratitude goes out to All you guys. Woohoo! Got to go do it again. :sunglasses:


The no drop X is just advisory…cooked up by some over cautious computer engineers…just ignore it. :fearful:

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This isn’t necessarily bad, it just means you need a stronger dive angle. Of course, that can be fatal at low altitudes, so make sure to go high before trying extreme negative pitch! I prefer about 30kft myself.