Cera Sim 222B

Well, the temptation was too great so I picked up the Cera Sim 222B for around $18. I’ll post more on it later…just a few quick shots. The cockpit is nice. You can tell it is a bit older model and it could use to have the textures updated to a bit higher resolution, but overall it seems pretty nice. Took it for a short spin…I was actually able to cold & dark start it without a checklist. Flight model feels very P3D/FSX-ish. I started hunting around for a mod for P3D similar to the FSX Helicopter Total Realism mod, but can’t find anything similar for P3D, and in the process learned that Hover Control.com is no longer around - that is a bummer.


Nooo, I hoped you will resist :slight_smile:

Looks good, looking forward to more info on her.

Definitely you can also elaborate more on this, I am intrested

Man that looks really fun to fly. Holding on for dear life over the cliff of more P3D purchases, preferring not to further invest in an old platform. Dying for the Skyvan, but hoping that it will find its way to XP11.

One of my favorites! In fact I’ll be using it in my up coming simNovel as an optimal “aircraft update” - essentially a customer can down load a free installer that adds a livery and modifies the applicable .FLT files.

If you also have/get the Nemeth AW-109 it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on a comparison. Physically it is similar as the B222. The flight model is a bit more complicated…includes a wicked retreating blade stall if your airspeed gets to high!

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That really is a good looking helicopter.