Cessna 172 Throttle and Mixture knobs

Do any of you guys have access to a C172? I need to know the diameter of the throttle and mixture knobs of a 172. Trying to help a fellow simmer making 3D files for printing.
The guy says 1", but that seems a tad small to me. But it’s been ages since I last flew one, so… :wink:

Ah man, a few days earlier and I could have helped you, I can always ask a friend of mine but that might take a few weeks before he gets a chance to measure it.

Not conveniently no…unfortunately…

I drew up some samples from pics on the net…


I think the ribs need to be a little bigger.


You’re in luck, I happen to work with Cessnas almost every day.


This forum is magic.


You can be my @wingman1387, anytime! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Did you pull @wingman1387 out from a hat…?

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In my experience the throttle isn’t so tapered, it’s basically a cylinder. Though I haven’t see all models.

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With the amazing stuff you’ve been building @Troll, “No, you can be mine.”
Anyway, one of the photos didn’t attach

Like @Andrew116 said it’s more cylindrical with a roundish end and a slight tapering.


I think troll has got the tapering down to be honest. Might be a bit off but not much.

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The CAD 3D view doesn’t show the perspective. The taper is only 10%. But I think the taper perhaps should be slightly curved…? I’ll draw up a test…

This doesn’t look better to me, although I don’t have much of a comparison with the real thing.

The “customer” is satisfied. Mission complete.
Thanks for the input and help!


Hi, Troll!
Would you be so kind to share your 3D models of Cessna knobs?
I am building DIY TPM controls and would be very happy to 3D print your knobs for my project.
Thank you!

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Sure! Happy to!
Post pics… :slight_smile:

Dropbox - C172 knobs - Simplify your life

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