CH Throttle Quadrant mod

I have modded the CH Products Throttle Quadrant for use with Forklift Simulator 2019.

Mainly in the hope that it would be supported by the developers. I have just finished the mods and have unfortunately discovered, that it seems like they have abandoned it. What a Bummer!

I have removed the reverser detents and made it self centering.


I would recommend to clearly mark the direction of the button PCB, as it goes in both ways and takes an effort to sit properly. I didn’t and had to reopen the TQ, as I had put it in the wrong way.

Do not lose the metalplates, they help with tightening the travel of the levers.

I snipped off the thingie from the white dodad and ended up with very lose levers. I would instead recommend flattening the point just enough, so it will not dump into the detent grove on the lever. Maybe also fill in the lever detent grove. The metal plates press down upon the white thingie and thereby thightens the lever movement.

Other recommendations.
I have used springs from cheapo springsets from cheapo auto repair and styling outlets. They are way to easy to deform. I would recommend using springs made of real spring steel. I did find some Spring steel springs, but they would have needed M3 screws, so I didn’t bye em.

I have used small head M4 screws from 2 different toy construction sets from the same manufacture.

I didn’t have enough springs and screws of the right length, so I used normal head screws and normal nuts, until I could swap them out.

The normal head screws where really messing up the springs and anchor points.

I got another set of springs and I was lucky enough, to stumble upon another used construction set.

Decide on what kind of screws, springs and nuts, that you will use before you start.

I would also recommend doing a more precise job of measuring and drilling than i did. At least if your eyeball measurements sucks as mine do. In other words, be more patient than I was.

Happy simming


You could use that for all sorts of things. I’m thinking implements and Telehandlers etc on farming simulator.

My major issue with almost all the forklift simulations on the market (whether stand alone or part of another product like Farming Simulator or Construction Simulator) is that they do a very poor job of accounting for the friction between loads as weight is added. Probably a niche problem however lol