Christmas Bouquets

I am a slow starter in the world of flight sims. A review of my infrequent posts here and questions for help will reveal that. That being said I fly DCS and X-plane 10 / 11. I have found that when trying to get a real answer to my questions that the good people of Mudspike consistently have that most thoughtful responses. You all genuinely try to help us noobs with patience. Amazingly your respondents always " read the frigging question" before firing off an off topic response. In my view this is the best forum available.
So, thanks to you all.and have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year
Kerfuffle (aka Steve)


Thanks for the kinds words. I think a lot of our members share the same passion for sims and gaming…so whether they are brand new, or old hands at it, that common interest keeps us all coming back. Thank you (and all of you) for your participation and positive attitude about our hobby. It is refreshing, and rare. Happy New Year!


Thanks, @Kerfuffle! We’re kinda happy to be here ourselves.


Was I totally primed for an interesting question to appear! Alas!

Just kiddin, and I would agree with you! I think we have a happy bunch of simmers here!