Christmas movies

What movies do you and your family watch over the Christmas holidays? Some of our regulars are Home Alone, Elf, Gremlins, Polar Express, and The Empire Strikes Back.


The Muppet’s Christmas Carol is inexplicably on its 16th year showing here. Michael Caine’s best role.

The Harry Potter’s used to be regulars, but in recent years not so much. We should have sent the kids to boarding school I guess.

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Christmas Vacation. Every year. No matter what.


Die Hard.

And some years, if I’m feeling froggy, Die Hard 2.


Well gotta watch Christmas Story.

Bad Santa gets a lot of air time in the house this time of year as well.


The best Christmas story ever told of course:


Aside from the obligatory Die Hard (the greatest Christmas movie of all time), we’re really fond of Trading Places and Blades of Glory.


Hah… for Trading Places there’s an entry in Wikipedia( or it was IMDB?) stating that’s THE typical Christmas movie in Italy.

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Confirmed in Legacy section.

LOL. Got to love it…

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Elf, A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim version), original Miracle on 34th Street and of course a Christmas Story.

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Die Hard and this:

I love Bill Murray


The Ref, have to watch The Ref at least once. Other than that, Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, both good Christmas movies.

Traditional film to watch in the UK is The Great Escape. No idea why but it’s shown every Christmas without fail.

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Sound of Music is another one too. Kids, Nuns and Nazi’s, what’s not to like!

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I hate Christmas with a passion, so… none.
I am basically the Grinch but in my version the “happy” end never happened.

Somebody needs a hug!

Or a heavily spiked peppermint eggnog.

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Yeah alcohol helps. I have a bottle of Jeremiah Weed in the cupboard reserved for Christmas.


Damn, I forgot Scrooged… Scrooged is a must.

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#1 - Bill Murray Scrooged,(Always)
#2 - -Die Hard, All of Them… Live Free And Die hard is prolly my favorite being a computer nerd.
#3 - Harry Potter
#4 Santa Claus (Only the 1st One, the 2nd and 3rd ones were kinda weird, the direction of the movies completely changed from a serious movie to adding cheesy characters and childish undertones while still trying to crack adult jokes).
#5 - Trading Places

The normal suspects (Miracle on 34th, etc etc we watch)
Usually there’s a Harry Potter marathon, but we have the entire thing on BluRay and Digital now, so we ignore the TV Broadcasts because the annoying commercials and edited dialog

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…so nobody here thinks Love, Actually is the quintessential Christmas movie?

Yeah, me either.

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