Chuck's Guide for DCS Tomcat

It’s out! Thanks @Chuck_Owl, looking forward to diving into this later this week!



Hooray for @Chuck_Owl!


Don’t worry; it’s a light read! :grin:


Chuck’s best guide, ever!


Shouldn’t it be published here on the spike with the others? :smiley:

In a similar if seemingly unrelated vein: Have any of you guys pulled a lot of G in DCS today? If not, you should…

Dangit, I barely have time to eat and sleep today, much less hop in game. Somebody clue me in on what I’ll be missing?

I stole this image from the ED bug forum lol. They replaced the blackout effect with a matrix letters effect. Pretty darn cool if you ask me!


Chuck, You’re the best man! THANK YOU

That Matrix effect!! I thought something was wrong w my video card lol

Whaaaaat? I thought this wasn’t happening due to security concerns? Is this an April Fools trick?

edit. Curse you April fools!


Goddamnit. I was about to spread this news to other forums. Forgot about the date. Good thing I checked back in.

Edit: No this was cruel. Especially after the masterpiece of his C-101 guide.

walks away crying

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Dang that looks like ass.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one that got GOT. I was sad too. But this the date… Kind o funny
Even ED got me! I thought something wrong with my NEW 2080ti!!!

How did ED get you? Was the G-effect a real deal? Sorry I missed it…

For chrissake. @Chuck_Owl your C-101 guide is a work of beauty and I thank you for it. You have perfected your technique and established your legacy. I will celebrate it by printing all your guides using an internet book printing service in hardcover and displaying it in my bookcase next to the other expensive hardcover books I have collected over the years as a modern literature major.

This includes rare hardcover volumes of Tolkien, Herbert, Zelazny, Hemingway, Anzaldua, Robin Hobbs, Bulkakov, etc etc.

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Goshdarnit, I love literally everything Zelazny wrote.
Died way too young.

I thought his “What I Did For Summer Vacation” that he wrote at the start of his 4th grade was rather trite.

My date of rank to O6 was 1 April. Yeah…at least it proves the Navy does have a sense of humor.

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Won a Hugo for it though.

:frowning: Not fair…