Chuck's Guide to the DCS F/A-18C Hornet has been released

Hi fellas,

Now that the targeting pod has been released, I have finally been able to release a first version of the Hornet guide that covers enough systems. It will still slowly keep growing over time, but I think the guide has reached a mature state for the first time in a year, to the point where I feel I can take a small break and wait for more stuff to be implemented by ED.


As always thank you for all your hard work. Your guides have helped many (including myself) enjoy the simulation world so much more fully!

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THANK YOU!! :star_struck: :salute:

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I forgot to grab your Tomcat one, so now I’ll just make it a twofer!

Thanks. 023


Wow… Awesome!!

You Da Man!!!


First of all I want to say thanks for the Hornet Guide, it’s been a great help. As have several of the “Chucks Guides” on other aircraft also.

But I ran across an error that is really annoying to me. In the air to air refueling section in steps 15, 16 and 17 the refueling pod is referred to as the “left most engine” / “engine”.

Just wanted to give a heads up on this. Thanks again.


I’ll fix it tonight, and for the Tomcat as well.


Thanks for your hard work @Chuck_Owl . Sure wish I could buy printed versions of your guides - especially as DigitalThemePark is referring to your A-10 guide for their classes this winter!

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Welcome to Mudspike.

I guess for the price of printing three guides you can already buy a 10" tablet…


That is so true its scary!

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Not to mention escaping The Wife’s Wrath for leaving her work printer with no ink!!! :thinking:


Oh wow that’s awesome!

What’s DigitalThemePark? Never heard of it before.


Thanks. Digital Theme Park is a website and flight sim training venue. You can learn more here:

Wish I had a wife…

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Having is not always so fine a thing as wanting.


Lol, nice Star Trek TOS reference @JediMaster.


Too many perfect parallels with Amok Time for me to resist. :wink:

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Hey, Chuck, the page says that the F/A-18C guide has been updated for 2021, but the pdf file is still the 2020 copy.

Just thought you should know.