Chucks sabre guide question

I’m on quite a severe Korean war fighting binge at the moment.

Flying the Sabre every chance I get. Just finished “The Korean war” by Max Hastings and am currently belting through “mig alley” by Thomas Cleaver.

I was just reading chucks guide for the Sabre and he links to a book called “no guts, no glory” which sounds amazing.

But I can’t open the link from the PDF and i can’t seem to work out how to access it.

Does anyone have a link or a copy? Be very grateful if I could get my hands on it.


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I don’t know why, but it seems lots of my google drive links don’t seem to work anymore for some reason. I tried changing the file permissions again. Can you try again?

Otherwise, you could try that one.


That link worked for me thanks.

Drop tanks, merge with giant MiG furball, rinse, repeat.

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Brilliant! That link worked! Many thanks @Chuck_Owl! Super fast response :+1:

Now to confuse myself with angles, leading and evasion!

Oooh nice one @chipwich! Thanks. I look forward to trying that tomorrow afternoon. I absolutely love flying that Sabre at the moment. It’s just so nice to be able to stay “current” without having to read the manual every time I miss a week or so. But still nuanced enough to reward research and stick time.
Cracking little airframe with amazing history to back it up


If you feel like some retro gaming, Mig Alley by Rowan software is still the definitive sim title covering the Korean War. Also the documentation for the game is among the last of the “big manuals” style, and was really excellent reading. If I can ever get it to run on W10 again, you guys wont see me for a while on here.

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